8 Reasons To Use Scrivener To Write And Produce Your Books

8 Reasons to Use Scrivener to Write and Produce Your Booksby

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a better and easier way—which means a more effective way—to get your writing projects finished and keep them organized.

But what if you could go straight from writing to publishing your work? That would make life a lot simpler, right?

It’s possible.

The tool you want to use is Scrivener. I’ve just begun using it for most of my writing and blogging projects, and I’m about to test out its publishing capabilities, too.Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: The Solutions – Part 2

5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: The Reasons and Solutions - Part 2

by Kristen Eckstein In Part 1 of this article, I discussed what procrastination on your book project might be costing you. If you haven’t read it yet, pop over to 5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: What is it Costing You? and read that article before continuing on with this one… Here […]

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4 Reasons YOU Should Start Podcasting Now [video]

The Future of Ink Podcasting Summer Camp

If you watched the live Hangout with Ellen Britt, MaAnna Stephenson and me, you heard some outstanding news about the opportunity for podcasters in the coming months… …The iTunes app is going to be pre-installed on all new i-devices AND integrated as part of CarPlay available on select new cars in 2014! …Google recently unveiled […]

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How To Recommend eBooks To Your Library – 5 Simple Steps

How To Recommend eBook Titles To Your Library - 5 Simple Steps by Shelley Hitz for The Future of Ink

by Shelley Hitz Overdrive provides an eBook lending service to libraries. I recently started using this service through my local library to read eBooks. There were several eBooks I wanted to read that they did not yet have in their collection. So, I recommended my library purchase these books. Very quickly, I was notified they […]

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5 Reasons You Procrastinate On Getting Your Book Done: What is it Costing You?


by Kristen Eckstein We’ve all suffered from the disease of procrastination at one time or another in our lives. Procrastination can be rooted in fear, busyness, fatigue and illness, and pretty much anything else that causes you to be too tired or preoccupied and want to put off a task. But at what cost do […]

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