How To Build Your Email List With A Free Ecourse


In the early days of the Internet, people signed up for newsletters and mailing lists eagerly just to stay in touch. Today, no one signs up for anything unless they believe they will receive great value for doing so. That benefit usually comes in the form of a gift of some sort.

Free ECourse Amir

A strong “call-to-action” for an “irresistible offer,”  will build your email list quickly if targeted to your market. But what should you give away to get visitors to provide you with their email addresses?

Most online marketers, as well as authors and bloggers, use such things as short e-books, videos, white papers, or manifestos as their giveaways. However, one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your mailing list is a free e-course.Continue Reading

How To Publish A Book Bundle On Kindle

Hitz book-bundle TFOI

by Shelley Hitz Lately, I have had several authors ask me how to publish a book bundle on Kindle. It really is not that difficult to do, but can have great rewards. There are several ways to put together a book bundle or book set and I will share these strategies in this post. Before […]

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Should You Sell Your eBook On Amazon? Pros And Cons

Should You Sell Your eBook On Amazon? Pros And Cons

Rebecca Livermore As an indie author, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest decisions is whether to sell your eBook on Amazon, on your own website, or both. Amazon, of course, is a top choice for most authors, but just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean this is […]

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How To Build Your Readership Six Ways (Without Social Media)

How to build your readership six ways without social media

by Justine Schofield Building your readership is the key to success in the current book market. Readers don’t just flock to books without the author putting in the time and effort to connect and engage with them. As an author, you have to establish yourself within the writing world and appeal to your audience. Just […]

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33 Revenue Streams For Authors – Even If You Write Non-Fiction

33 Revenue Streams For Authors - Even If You Write Non-Fiction

by Joan Stewart Most authors obsess over one statistic: the number of books sold. They don’t see their books as springboards to other opportunities. Sure, selling a truckload is exhilarating. But for the really smart, savvy authors, only one number really counts: how many revenue streams they can create from a book. Authors who haven’t […]

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