The Future of Ink – Interview with Co-Founders Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman

Recently Ellen Britt and I were honored to be invited to do an interview with our colleague and Future of Ink expert writer, D’vorah Lansky for her Conversations About Marketing audio series. D’vorah plied us with questions about why we launched The Future of Ink, how digital publishing has changed our businesses, what we have […]

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When Ellen Britt and I were brainstorming about how to develop The Future of Ink, we realized our vision was bigger than both of us could implement on our own. We knew without a doubt, to build an authoritative online magazine about digital publishing for online entrepreneurs, we needed to bring other experts onboard to […]

The Numinous Place – Mark Staufer on the Future of Fiction

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. This is an interview with Hollywood screenwriter Mark Staufer, creator of The Numinous Place, an innovative, paradigm shifting work of fiction that draws in the reader with a blend of video, audio, historical documents and artifacts…all designed with one aim in mind…to pull you into one of the greatest conspiracies […]

Expert Spotlight – Marnie Pehrson on Writing Your eBook Fast

This is the first in a series of audio Spotlight Interviews with our Future of Ink Expert Contributors. In this series, we will spotlight each expert and bring you a valuable, incisive and informative interview on each of our contributors’ expertise. In addition to providing you with the audio, the complete interview transcript is also […]