Which eBook Publishing Platform is Best?

by Kristen Eckstein Before we get too deep into answering this question, know upfront this is like asking a mother of three which child is her favorite. Each platform comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Digital publishing is a huge all-encompassing world of everything from e-books and Kindle to video and teleseminars. For the purposes […]

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics [#Infographic]

by Denise Wakeman Have you ever wondered why infographics are so popular? What makes a great infographic irresistible? When I first saw the featured infographic below, I knew I had to share it on The Future of Ink. People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations. Not only […]

Using Video for Marketing and Credibility

by Kathleen Gage Has the thought of being in the movies ever appealed to you? Dreamed of having your own television show? Want to be seen by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of viewers? If you said yes, then using video for marketing is for you. Video is one of the hottest marketing tools around. Not […]

How to Use High Tech Meditation Tools to Skyrocket Your Content Marketing Output

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. You want to get your digital content out there. You really do. But seems like now, more than ever, stuff gets in the way. Shiny, ever changing, almost irresistible distractions dangle before your eyes like so many holiday ornaments nearly every minute of the day, from the time you open […]

How to Run Your Business from the Ball Park

by Lou Bortone Summer is officially here in the U.S., and sporting events are in full swing. As the proud parent of two very active student athletes, this time of year also means spending an enormous amount of time at baseball diamonds, soccer fields and sports facilities from New Hampshire to Florida. Add to that […]

SlideShare: The Over Achiever is Under Utilized [tutorial]

by Kathleen Gage Using social media to market your digital products is a must do. This goes without saying for most people, but the difficult part for many people is knowing which social media to focus on and how to optimize what they are doing. We’ve all heard that for a good majority of people […]

Evernote – A Productivity Tool for Authors, Writers, and Online Entrepreneurs: Create, Access, and Sync Your Content from Anywhere

by D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. In today’s busy, digital, information age, where we have access to content, both on our computers and our mobile devices, it can be a challenge to keep track of all the notes and pieces of paper we use to jot down our thoughts. Enter Evernote, a software application you can download to […]

The Doubt Vortex – 6 Lifesavers for When You’ve Forgotten Your Brilliance [audio]

by Laura West As a content creator you are constantly having to come up with the next new idea, put your thoughts and ideas out in the public eye and subject yourself to possible criticism. And on a daily basis you are showing up as a leader through social media, your blog and marketing. That […]

Bringing Your Ideas To Life: New Rich Media Digital Publishing Platforms Are Transforming Storytelling

Guest post by Matt Edelman, featured panelist at the Digital Publishing Online Intensive. Storytellers are the most influential members of our society. I’m not talking about just authors, journalists, bloggers, editors and screenwriters. I’m referring to anyone who tells stories to an audience for a living. In today’s digital world, that also includes brands, marketers, […]

How To Mindmap Your Digital Publishing Projects [video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA If you have difficulty finishing what you start when it comes to publishing your digital content, I’ve got a great video for you today. People have often asked me about my prolific publishing of digital content over the last 7 years, and they’re often surprised to learn that I have one […]