Open Doors and Make Content Creation Easy with a Leap into Clarity [Video]


skydiveDo you ever put off the inevitable? You know you need to do something in your business, but perhaps you’re a little fearful to bite the bullet and take the leap.

Maybe it pushes the limits of your comfort zone.

That was me. A little over a year ago, I took the leap from running a 14 year old content directory (IdeaMarketers) to helping people I call “Light Bearers” get their messages out in the world.

I floundered around for a while, achieving some success, but not what I wanted. Eventually, I came to realize my niche wasn’t tight enough. Have you ever done that? Maybe you want to work with “women in transition” and before long you realize that’s not specific enough.

What kind of transition are these women experiencing? Empty nest? Divorce? Reinventing themselves? Yeah, you’ve got to get more specific if you’re going to create content that speaks to your ideal client.

What I came to realize was that if I wanted to show up 100% myself and speak from my heart (which really is the only way to build a tribe), I had to zone in on Christ-centered entrepreneurs.

Gulp! That was a big step for me. Yet, immediately when I announced the shift on Facebook, people came out of the woodwork to congratulate me, offer help, and wanted to joint venture.

In 23 years in business, I’ve never had so many people as excited about what I’m doing and offering to get involved. Even my colleagues and friends who don’t consider themselves Christian have been incredibly supportive.

Reach Out

Since I was on my way to NAMS in a week or so, I reached out to some fellow Christ-centered entrepreneurs to ask if they’d be willing to let me interview them for They agreed, and I went down to Atlanta with my handy Flipcam.

The first night I was there, Ron Pagliarulo walked over while I was listening to NAMSters singing Karaoke. He’d reached out to me when I posted my initial announcement on Facebook because we share the same vision.

So Ron walked up and said, “How can I help you with what you’re doing?”

“Would you let me shoot a video interview of you for IgnitePoint?” I asked.

“Sure, do you need some video equipment? What will you use to shoot the videos?”

“Just my flipcam,” I replied.

“Oh, let me bring over my good camera, tripod, and audio equipment. I could even bring a green screen if you want.”

“Seriously? Isn’t that too much trouble?” I didn’t want to put him out.

“No, I live locally, and I can bring it tomorrow.”

We exchanged cell phone numbers and planned to connect the next day.

Make Content Creation Easy

Saturday morning I was sitting in the opening meeting of NAMS listening to David Perdew make announcements. He had a couple people stand up and announce that specific niches would be meeting to network at the end of the day.

I was sitting there thinking, “Dang, I should have asked David to announce that I’m interviewing Christ-centered entrepreneurs.” I had my four people lined up, but what if I could have a whole lot more? This one event could arm me with content to release over the coming weeks.

I quickly grabbed a pen and notepad and wrote something like, “Marnie Pehrson will be interviewing Christian entrepreneurs today. If you’d like a video shot and be featured on, see Marnie.” I got up, walked to the back of the room and handed the note to one of David’s aides.

“If you feel this is appropriate,” I said, “could you please give this to David and see if he’ll announce it?”

The aide slipped him the note, and the announcement was made. David asked me to stand up so everyone could identify me. Then, the keynote speaker took the stage. After the keynote, several people made their way over to discuss my project and express interest in being in the video series.

Ron showed up in the lobby with his equipment around 11:45 am. Our first person was already waiting for her video filming. We had a steady stream of people come until 2:30pm.

The videos turned out so professional with Ron’s camera equipment and the audio is superb. In the end, I came away with at least 16 touching videos that can take my vision viral.

All of that came about because I …

a)     got clear about my niche – even when it was scary to zoom in that tightly

b)     announced my decision publicly on Facebook

c)     opened myself up to receiving help from Ron

d)     acted on a little nudge to slip David a note

e)     risked a little embarrassment walking to the back of a room full of 350 people to hand the aide my note

f)      created an opportunity for other people to be spotlighted

I was telling a friend about the experience, and he sent me this quote by W.H. Murray:

W.H. Murray Quote

What are you waiting for? Take the leap! Commit, and watch all of creation rise up to meet you.

Marnie Pehrson
Marnie Pehrson, the creator of, is a best-selling author, speaker, and online publicist who helps Light Bearers build influential online platforms. Marnie is also a wife and mother of 6 and the author of 23 fiction and nonfiction titles.
Marnie Pehrson
Marnie Pehrson