Five Unique Ways to Boost Your Business Strategy With A Podcast

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Back in 2003 when I started my internet radio show (which turned into a podcast a year later) my format was a weekly interview style talk show. It never occurred to me then to do something else. Over the years though, I have found a lot of other interesting ways to incorporate podcasting into my business and I believe everyone can find at least one format to suit their business.

What you should know up front is that there are no rules!

There’s no one perfect way to podcast. That’s fantastic news for all of us because we’re not all amazing conversationalists and even if we are, we don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time interviewing others about what they’re up to ñ we want to focus on what WE are up to.

Here we go… 5 business podcast ideas:

Idea #1: Podcast a Product Launch: Build excitement for what’s to come.

Working on a great new information product or membership site? To build buzz and let others know what you’re up to ñ start a ‘count down’ style podcast series. This is especially suitable if you’re working with a business crowd, they’re all very interested in how and why you do things.

Take a look at your time line and count the week’s until your product will launch. That’s how many podcast episodes you will want to create.

Now let’s make a plan for content. It’s simple really because it’s all about the upcoming product launch.

  • Share your excitement in a ‘bubbly/instructional’ non-promotional way.
  • Share your process ñ what are you doing on the product this week?
  • Share your experts ñ who are you tapping for expertise within the product?
  • Share useful, actionable tips listeners can use now.
  • As the launch date draws nearer you can share about bonuses that you’ve prepared for those who sign for it.

In the end you will give a direct call to action. Anyone listening to the series at this point is definitely interested!

Idea #2: Podcast for Product Customers: Teach them how to use the product.

If you’re selling a simple product, a podcast to teach it’s use is surely overkill ñ but there are so many products, physical and digital that are complex and can truly benefit from instruction.

Let’s use a year long membership program as an example product.

Create a podcast that acclimates new members to the resources available to them. This may only require only a handful of episodes where you cover each area of the membership one at a time and use your voice to convey the overall culture of the group.

On the hand, it might be fantastic for you to expand the podcast to include member nudges ñ little motivational messages that spur them back to the membership and encourage them to take real action. In this case, a podcast could be crafted to last throughout the year.

Getting clients to actually use the product you’ve sold it important and a customer podcast is a great tool to make happen. Be sure to build in invitations to submit questions and give feedback along the way.

Idea #3: Podcast for Affiliates: Teach them how to promote you.

This idea I have personal experience with. Before I re-branded my business in 2011, my target market was the online work at home mom. I knew that many of my new affiliates were just dipping their toe into the world of affiliate marketing.

We received so many basic questions over and over that we created a ‘get started’ style course to teach them the ropes. Released as a PDF, it was used ñ but I know that there are a lot of folks who want to learn via audio so we took a step further and created a multi-part podcast especially for our affiliates.

My VA/Affiliate Manager and I recorded the podcasts together. We tackled everything from getting started to teaching simple sharing strategies that moms could put to use easily. Covering all of the different affiliate tools that we had available helped to give our new affiliates more ideas on how to make the most of the program.

If you reach a market that is unfamiliar with affiliate marketing or even if your market is savvy, an affiliate podcast can be a powerful communication tool.

Idea #4: Podcast your Teleseminar Audios: Let them work for you long after the event is over.

Re-purposing content rocks and reusing audio content is one of easiest ways to leverage what you’ve already done. No rewriting needed!

How many of you are regularly holding webinars and teleseminars every year? That’s a lot of audio content. I know you’re already being smart ñ you’re probably transcribing the content and reusing in a variety of ways. Let’s add podcasting to that mix.

If you’ve recorded a typical 45-60 minute event, even if you’re selling it or including it in a membership program, you can slice out a chunk of great content and give it away via podcast ñ using that to promote the product or membership!

Choose one or two great questions and answers or simple a segment of conversation and pull it out.
It’s important that the audio you choose can stand and be useful on it’s own. I don’t love listening to short clips that only tease and neither do most others.

Now record your own intro and closing segments to sandwich it in. Your intro can explain that they’re about to listen to, the origins of the audio and any details you want to share. Your closing can remind them where to find the entire audio.

Idea #5: Start a Round Table Podcast to Develop Strong Partnerships.

Truthfully, there are untold thousands of awesome experts out there who do not have a steady podcast and this is a source of angst for me! Some my favorite people to learn from who for one reason or another, the never make time to create a podcast ñ or start one and let it fade away. So sad!

Well, experts are busy people and I get it. It’s not easy for everyone to make a long term commitment to podcast. Good thing I have a great answer for them ;)

Expert Joe, Expert Tina, Expert Lois & Expert Ron are all terrific busy solopreneurs with a full schedule. For each and every one of them to sit down and record a podcast each week is tough ñ but what if they joined forces and created a ’round table podcast’ where they all come together on a schedule that works for most of them and record a series of episodes to be dripped out on a weekly schedule? It’s a great idea!

All four (or however many) experts don’t have to be present in every episode, if you can have at least three together at once, it works very well. Topics can be brainstormed out in advance and tackled one at a time in a casual ‘mastermind’ style conversation. Every expert gets a chance to share what they’re up to, mention their brand, etc. Show notes will link out to everything mentioned.

With a little help from a media savvy VA, they wouldn’t even have to sweat the tech. Record with a conference line and let your tech know it’s there, they take it from there to get it published.

Bonus Idea: Podcast Your Book.

Several successful bloggers have blogged a book. They’ve written it chapter by chapter as blog posts, then re-purposed it all together to be published. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Content for the blog, content to sell.

The same concept can be applied to a podcast, instead of text, you talk. When you’ve completed your series, send it all over to be transcribed and reworked for publishing. I’m gonna give this idea a go in the new year with an idea I have for my next book.

Many fiction writers are using It’s not limited to fiction though the majority of projects there are in that genre.

Are you ready to give one of these podcasting strategies a try?

One thing all of them have in common is that they’re light on overall effort and pack a lot of punch for your business.

Which one will you implement? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below…

Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey is the host of Solo Smarts, a podcast that inspires and equips online solopreneurs. With over 400 episodes under her belt, she loves mentoring others in developing their own business podcasting strategy.
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Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey

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  1. And you can reach a different group of audience with podcast.

  2. Please see publishing podcasts at:

  3. Kelly – what a great article. I am in the midst of planning my podcast now – a local colleague and I are going to start holding local in person classes for entrepreneurs who want to get started on line and we are using the podcast as a way to “practice” for the class – and to write our book :)

  4. Great tips that will definitely help everyone starting a podcast or even those that already have one to refresh their skills.

  5. This was a great post Kelly. I will be starting to podcast in January and found a lot of useful tips and ideas here. Thanks!

  6. Kel these ideas are fabulous!! I love them all, and I’m def going to do them all. I particularly loved no.4, what a great idea! I never thought of that, and come to think of it, I could be doing all of them, I’ve now got two podcasts, and launching a new one in Jan. I’d love to hook up with you again in the near future, but of course, for now I settle for listening to your lovely podcasts! Well done luv! :) Kate

  7. Kelly McCausey: I am interested to learn more about how to podcast your book for a future project. Do you know about other tools than Podiobooks?

    • Hi Martin! I don’t know of something just like Podiobooks – but if you’re looking to ‘audio blog’ a bit you can take a look at and Both are interesting social sites that let you share what you’re creating as you do it.

      • Kelly: Thanks for your reply. I am using Audioboo and Soundcloud. I have been using Cinch. I have also my own podcast show at BlogTalkRadio.

        • Cinch is closed down, you’ve seen that right? Blog Talk Radio (who owned it) encourages everything to just go use their platform directly.

          Are you getting a good response to your audio posts overall?

  8. This is what I love about you Kelly, I always learn from you! No fluff!
    I wasn’t going to read this article because I have your Smart Podcasting Skills program, which is fabulous! But I started reading and couldn’t stop. And I agree, the graphics are cool and kept my eyes on the page.
    Thanks for another dose of great information!

  9. I’ve always loved listening to your podcast and have done a few podcasts myself but not regularly. I get so nervous when I do them that I really freak myself out. But after reading this you make me want to give it another go with some awesome new ideas that I would have never considered on my own. Thanks!

    • Maybe a key for you will be to partner with some other folks so it’s not always you and the microphone?

      Yes, with enough time – you’ll get comfortable with it. I hope you set a podcasting goal for 2013!

  10. Kelly, I’ve always wondered what the business advantage was for doing a podcast….I didn’t really “get it”. This really lays out the business purposes for using podcasts and then gives ideas for exactly what material to use to make it happen. You’re so insightful in that you have ideas for all different situations and business styles. You always get my wheels turning!

    • The first advantage of a podcast is being found in one of the largest search engine in the world: iTunes!

      The second advantage is producing content that a large percentage of the world prefers consuming: Audio!

      It goes on and on and on from there – I truly DO think everyone should find at least one way to make it work in their business.

  11. Thanks for the super ideas, Kelly. I had let my podcast go dormant for a while, but have brought it back as a weekly tips show and will once again be adding interviews at least once a month. Have found it to be very popular with folks on the go. Folks just don’t always have time to read posts and such, but they can listen to it while driving or at the gym. Appreciate all of your ideas for diversifying the content.

  12. I’m gearing up to podcast soon, Kelly. This article is just perfect for me right now. Thanks so much for the great ideas and the inspiration! Had one question – do you recommend BlogTalkRadio, too? Just wondering if that’s how you started and how you built your list.

    • I’m glad you found the post just when you needed it :)

      Blog Talk Radio is a fine tool when you want to do a live broadcast but I don’t particularly recommend it as a home for your podcast.

      I prefer hosting on my own site (see my for example).

      You CAN always ALSO run the podcast through Blog Talk Radio as a way of ‘being everywhere’.

      • Also, keep in mind that BlogTalkRadio won’t let you repackage and use your own content. I used to have a Blog Talk Radio show when I was an editor at, and was very depressed when I realized I wasn’t allowed to re-purpose my own content. That may have changed, but read the fine print!

  13. I like all of your ideas above, Kelly! I have created videos using Idea #2 above. Ideas #1 and #3 are ones I need to work on at this stage! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  14. Love your practical, useful tips! You lay out the great benefits to implementing podcasts as part of your business very well. Love love these graphics btw!

  15. I love the idea of making a podcast of how to use your product! I’m kind of a how to girl anyway so this fits my style. Podcasting a book is something I could see myself doing too. Thanks for the tips Kelly!

  16. These are great ideas! I love podcasting – both developing and listening to podcasts, but I had never thought of using it to promote my business or to form parternships before. This is a great article with lots of useful information – and I as think about how to retool my blog and podcast, I plan on incorporating these ideas. Plus – the graphics above rock Kelly!

    • I forgot to mention the graphics. They caught my eye reading through and I was thinking to myself those graphics are really cool! :)

    • I wouldn’t have 90% of the relationships I do now if it weren’t for my podcast – it makes reaching out to new people easy.

      Thank you for the compliments! I’m super visual so I love making graphics to go along with content when I can :) Since this is a guest post, I especially wanted to make things look GOOD!

  17. I love your tips, Kelly. Of late, podcasting seems to be catching on more and more as a way to reach different audiences. I love to download audios and listen to them away from the computer. I really like Ideas #2 and #5. For someone new to podcasting like me, those would be the easiest for me to implement to get started and comfortable hearing my own voice. By the way, I love listening to you on your podcasts at

    • Thank you Dawn! That getting comfy with your own voice thing can be a toughie to get over – I used to just cringe at the sound of my podcast when I listened back. You DO get over it though and just wait til someone says ‘You have a wonderful radio voice!’ LOL!

  18. Kelly you could have made this a podcast, it’s that good. Your ideas are truly inspiring. I absolutely love idea’s 1 and 2. Podcasting about a product launch and podcasting for product customers are definitely things I can start putting in to use. Don’t think I will leave those other gems behind, as my blog and business grow I plan to implement those as well.