How To Run A New Year’s Book Giveaway


Running a giveaway for your book(s) could be the perfect way to build the momentum you need to excel in the New Year.

What better way to kick off the year than by getting your book into the hands of readers? People love free things and a giveaway is an opportunity to capture readers who might not have bought your book, and hopefully turn them into loyal fans.

How to Run a New Years Book Giveaway

A giveaway is a great way for any author to build buzz around their book and is an even more effective way for authors of multiple titles to gain readership. Give one book away for free and hopefully the reader will come back for more.

Conducting your own book giveaway is easy and, if executed correctly, requires minimal planning.

Here’s What You Will Need

A Catchy Title

Brainstorm a catchy title that is both easy to remember and enticing. The title of the giveaway should excite readers and invite them to enter and share with others. You’ll also want the title to stand out, so be sure to capitalize on the uniqueness of your books.

When coming up with a title, it’s best to put yourself in the position of the reader. What would capture your attention? What would make you click and share the giveaway?

A Platform to Host the Giveaway

Whether it’s your own author website or blog, you’ll need a platform to host the giveaway. If you have multiple options to choose from, pick the one that you want to drive traffic to and/or receives the most traffic.

A Giveaway Service

Giveaway services, such as Rafflecopter, make it easy to host your own personalized giveaways. The advantage of Rafflecopter is you’re able to choose the actions people must take to enter.

For example, an entry could require them to follow you on Twitter, Like your Facebook page, or sign up for your newsletter. You can have as many entry options as you’d like.

Rafflecopter - How To Run A New Year's Book Giveaway

Using a service like Rafflecopter is the best way to maximize your giveaway because you’re able to boost your social media followers, as well as capture reader data for future promotions.

Captivating Images

Captivating images are the perfect way to attract readers to your giveaway. You can design your own images for free using sites like PicMonkey.

You should include a main giveaway image that displays important information, such as the title of the giveaway, start and end dates, prizes and any applicable rules (i.e. enter once a day, no multiple entries, must be 18 years or older, etc.).

How To Run A New Year's Book Giveaway


Promotional Images are also very important. These are images you can share throughout social media and your email promotions and serve to entice readers to click and find out more.

You’ll want the promotional images to be eye-catching and easy to digest. Don’t overload these images with information, but be sure to include the name of the giveaway, prizes and a link.

Depending on where you’re hosting the giveaway, you might also want to include a logo or your name on these images.

A Posse

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your giveaway is to partner with book bloggers and other authors. Seek out other authors who are interested in conducting their own giveaways and research book bloggers who often host giveaways on their sites.

Find potential authors to partner with in your own network, on Twitter and through online author communities. You could either join together with these authors to host one big giveaway or agree to help cross-promote each other’s giveaways when the time comes.

Either way, you’re expanding your potential audience and helping to ensure a bigger buzz is created.

Key Points To Remember

Promotion Is Key!

The most important thing to remember is during the duration of your giveaway, you must be your own biggest advocate. Plan who you will promote to and how you will do so.

Thank All Your Entrants.

If you’re able to capture email addresses of the entrants, be sure to send everyone a sincere thank you for entering once the giveaway is over. Take this time to introduce yourself and let these potential readers know a bit more about your books and where to purchase them.

Make the Most of Your Giveaway.

Don’t forget, you will incur the cost of shipping books to the winners, so be sure to make the most out of this transaction. Include a personalized note for the winners and ask them for a review on whichever platform you’d prefer once they’ve finished the book.

You can also include any other promo material you might have that could lead them to your author website or to purchase other books.

You can choose to give away as many or as few books as you’d like. It’s important to analyze the costs and determine the potential value of a new reader.

Choose the number of books that makes sense for you, but keep in mind each book you send out is a potential new fan.

Have you run a giveaway for one of your books? Tell us about it in the comments!

Justine Schofield

Justine Schofield

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Justine Schofield
Justine Schofield