How To Get Massive Traction From Your Kindle eBook


You’ve done it! You just finished your first book, it’s up on Kindle and you’re anxiously waiting for the money to pour in.

How to Get Massive Traction from Your Kindle eBook

And waiting, and waiting and waiting…all because some “expert” told you there is a fortune to be made with Kindle ebooks.

I’ve got news for you. If you do nothing more than put your book up on Kindle it’s likely you’re not going to make much money, if any at all.

That’s the bad news. The GREAT news is that if you focus on getting the word out about your Kindle book, you can make a boatload of money. Whether it be hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, there is a formula for success.

What I am about to outline pertains more to nonfiction writers rather than fiction. Yet, much of what you are going to learn can be applied to virtually any genre.


The first thing you need to do is determine what the purpose of your Kindle book is beyond the obvious. With my most recent Kindle book I wanted it to not only be an outstanding resource it and of itself, I also wanted it to have tentacles that would read far beyond just what people would read.

How To Get Massive Traction From Your Kindle eBook

With a strategic plan your Kindle ebook can create a stream of revenue and opportunities.

I wanted it to be a lead generator, revenue generator and opportunity creator. It has, and continues to, do all of this and more.


Without a plan to raise awareness that the book exists it would not have reached more than a handful of readers. This is where I see so many authors stumble. Their plan often fails to go beyond “get the book published and up on Kindle.”

Your plan needs to include who you want to reach, how you will reach them, where you will promote, who will help in the promotions, is there a program that is an upsell from the book, and how to get the reader on your subscriber list.


Next comes implementation and execution of your plan. In the years I’ve been working with experts teaching them how to package their knowledge, one of the most frustrating things I’ve watched are those people who go into “failure to launch.”

They plan and plan and plan, but never put their plan into action. This is surefire suicide for your book. A primary reason they fail to execute is to avoid criticism and rejection. They are lying to themselves that they are actually being productive.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, it did take a lot to get your book written, but again, that’s the easy part.

The true test of what you will accomplish is directly proportional to how much you are willing to promote your book and what you are willing to do on the back end.

Which leads into the next point… ascension.


Simply put, this is where your book begins what can be an incredibly profitable money trail.

Before you write your book determine what you want your book to lead people to. For me, it happens to be private coaching, mentoring, mastermind retreats and investing in other e-based information products I have available.

This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Throughout the Kindle book I have links that lead readers to an opt-in page for some type of a free offer.
  2. Once someone opts in, I make sure to create massive value right out of the gate.
  3. I continue to keep in touch with high value information.
  4. After 2 – 4 follow up messages I make a low barrier to entry offer such as a $27 report.
  5. I share information with the subscriber about webinars, telesminars and live events I have available.
  6. Depending on the topic of the book I can also have affiliate links embedded in the Kindle book. This is a much underutilized strategy.

Be sure to avoid stuffing your Kindle book with too many links, but definitely add some in.

Rinse and repeat

Once you’ve gone through the above process, it becomes very simple to make it a regular part of your overall marketing, promotions, sales and revenue generating efforts.

The main thing is to be strategic in your efforts and to avoid taking a haphazard approach to this process.

Map out the next 12 months. Have target dates for when your resources will show up on Kindle. Determine what the follow up process will be as well as the full journey you will take the reader on.

I can assure you, this is a very, very effective way to build your business. It’s simply a matter of rolling up your sleeves and making it happen.

Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage is a marketing strategist and business consultant who works with consciously aware entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. We work with our clients to help them fully identify their expertise, their market (tribe), gain massive visibility, and package their knowledge into various information products and services.
Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage