How To Mindmap Your Digital Publishing Projects [video]


If you have difficulty finishing what you start when it comes to publishing your digital content, I’ve got a great video for you today.

People have often asked me about my prolific publishing of digital content over the last 7 years, and they’re often surprised to learn that I have one not-so-secret tool.

And it’s not outsourcing, PLR (private label rights) or anything like that.

It’s mindmapping and making decisions about my day-to-day tasks. Watch the video below to see how I plan, mindmap and execute my own publishing projects.

As always, your comments on how you’ll implement this in your business are welcome!

P.S.. Each month, I create a lesson here at the Future of Ink based on what I believe you’d best benefit from. But I’d love to know what YOU want me to teach you in my next TFOI lesson! Just leave your suggestions in the comments below…

Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob Jenkins is the author of Take Action! Revise Later, and the creator of the Teleseminar Formula. A former high school history teacher, Bob makes it simple for you to get more clients and customers when you leverage online marketing in a strategic manner. His digital publishing credits include over 15 video-based courses and over 500 teleseminars and webinars. He's a frequent speaker at marketing conferences and on telesummits.
Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob The Teacher Jenkins


  1. Well done.

    Its all about being helpful and generating good content – a link to this arrived in my twitter feed just as I was sitting down to mindmap a seminar

    Chance favours the connected mind



  2. Kudos to Bob for sharing how his mind works in laying things out, and the process so that others can use it, too.

  3. Bob,Thanks for sharing this post and a great free tool that I look forward to using.Blessings,Deborah H. Bateman-Author