Non-Disclosure Agreements – Three Great Reasons You Should Use One

Non-Disclosure Agreements - Three Great Reasons You Should Use One

by Shelley Hitz Have you heard of an NDA form? NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement and is a contract between two parties to ensure that sensitive information is not shared. You may never need to use this kind of form as an author. However, in this post, I want to share three reasons authors should […]

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Crowdfunding and The Publishing Process – A Match Made In Literary Heaven

Crowdfunding and the Publishing Process - A Match Made in Literary Heaven

by Justine Schofield The funny thing about publishing is your work is never done. Example, the publishing process in a nutshell: write, build an author platform, market, publish, market, sell books, market, sell more books, then…market some more. Once a writer finishes a manuscript (and we all thought writing was the hard part), the real […]

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How To Position Your Expertise To Build Your Email List

How to Position Your Expertise to Build Your Email List

by Kathleen Gage The heart of any online business is a responsive email list. Without this, you are on an uphill climb to success. In the early days of online marketing, it took a lot less effort to build an email list than it  does today. It didn’t take much to get someone to say “yes” […]

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5 Ways to Create Flowmentum™

5 Ways to Create Flowmentum

by Laura West Stop being subject to the whims of your energy and ideas when you are working on a creative project. You can cultivate and create Flowmentum™ so you can be more successful with a whole lot more grace and ease. Flowmentum™ is about being in rhythm with your creative project. Having momentum but also […]

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