Personal Branding With Social Media – 3 Easy Ways


Breakfast at Serenbe

When you think of digital content, your tweets, Facebook posts and other social media content may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But this ‘micro-content’ is very important, both in helping you drive traffic to your blog as well as other sites, and also in helping you to express your brand identity.

But social media affords you another way to influence your audience that most marketers don’t even think about taking advantage of…

it allows you to inject your unique personality into your business.

Bringing your personality into your online business is one of the first things I advise my clients to do. I tell them to select one aspect of their personality that they really enjoy, like I do with my ‘Southerness,’ and then amplify it in all their communications with their market.

When you implement this effectively, it can shoot your ‘know, like and trust’ factor through the roof! Plus, you will likely find that your engagement on social media will rise as well.

Here are three easy ways to start your personal branding  to do just that:

1) If you are using your business logo on your Facebook page or in other social media profiles, strongly consider replacing that logo with a smiling  picture of yourself.

Think about what you see in your Facebook timeline when someone posts something: you see a profile picture followed by whatever it is they are trying to communicate.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a profile picture that is a graphic (no matter how attractive!) I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. There is something about seeing the face and eyes of a person that represents the company that no graphic can ever replace.

2) Post something besides ‘Buy my stuff!’ 

How are people going to get to know, like and trust you if all they ever experience is you trying to sell them something? Eighty per cent of the time, I post other things (yes, even on my Facebook business page!).

And since I want to bring out my Southern side, I write and post pictures frequently about flowers, food and other aspects of Southern culture.

I also am purposeful about saying things in such a way that they are easily identified with my unique style.

For example, I frequently use language associated with the Southern United States and will preface some of my posts with “Listen honey…’ before going on to to make my point.

Claiming certain phrases as well as embracing a unique style of communication helps my social media posts stand out. You can do the same.

3) I also customize my social media profile descriptions across all my social media profiles to reflect not only my marketing expertise, but the aspect of my personality I want to amplify.

For example, here’s the thumbnail description I’m currently using on my Facebook business page and elsewhere:

The Social Media Influence Doctor, Mastermind Expert, Author & Online Marketing Strategist Lover of Southern Food & Culture. 

Notice that I have a live link to my website right there on my page. I don’t want folks to have to dig for it! Plus, in addition to claiming my areas of expertise, I also list Lover of Southern Food & Culture. Then in my actual posts, I write and post pictures about just that.

So [pullquote position=”right”]don’t be afraid to let the ‘real you’ be seen on social media[/pullquote]. Of course, you want to avoid airing any dirty laundry, but in general, the more you reveal about who you are, the more your potential customers and clients can identify with you. After all, some of my most popular posts have been about cooking cornbread!

Try putting these three practices into place and let me know how it goes. I guarantee you’ll be delighted.

Bye y’all…!

Ellen Britt
Dr. Ellen Britt is the Social Media Influence Doctor, Mastermind Expert, Author and Online Marketing Strategist, Lover of Southern Food & Culture and founder of Pink Coattails, as well as the co-founder of The Future of Ink. Ellen is committed to the idea that every woman, no matter her education, experience or where she lives on the planet, can have a successful business if she so desires.
Ellen Britt
Ellen Britt