Power Up for Profits – Kathleen Gage [audio interview]


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Kathleen Gage

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard there are people making great money by utilizing the power of the Internet.  But perhaps not surprisingly, the world of online marketing has traditionally been dominated by men.

Yet, with over 8 million U.S. businesses currently women-owned and equating to  an economic impact of $3 trillion this translates into the creation and/or maintenance of 23 million jobs.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing global online marketing strategist Kathleen Gage about her newly published book, Power Up for Profits, in which she aims to provide women with the right information to grow their businesses.

We focused on how Kathleen, an experienced book launch expert, is using her new book to expand her visibility, extend her expertise and grow her audience and how you (whether you are a woman or a man!) can apply these same principles in your own business.

Just click on the player below to hear the interview with Kathleen Gage. Enjoy!

The transcript of this interview is on it’s way…we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Have a question for Kathleen Gage about her book launch? Post it in the comments and invite her to respond.

Ellen Britt
Dr. Ellen Britt is the Social Media Influence Doctor, Mastermind Expert, Author and Online Marketing Strategist, Lover of Southern Food & Culture and founder of Pink Coattails, as well as the co-founder of The Future of Ink. Ellen is committed to the idea that every woman, no matter her education, experience or where she lives on the planet, can have a successful business if she so desires.
Ellen Britt
Ellen Britt


  1. I have Kathleen’s book and love it! Please let me know when the transcript is ready. Thanks

  2. I had such a fun time with this interview. Thanks Ellen for making the process flow so nicely.