5 Ways To Promote Your Book Before It’s Finished [Video]


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.21.44 PMRecently I visited a good friend of mine and The Future of Ink’s, Felicia Slattery. We took questions from our members, and recorded our answers via video…

a great way to come up with and publish digital content, by the way!.

One burning (and common) question came in from Tom Nosal, and I’m excited to share our answers with you in this video below.

Tom asked:

“I’m in the middle of my very first book project. I would like some tips on the best way to promote your book when you are just starting out and don’t have a big following yet.”

This is a great question because if you wait until a book is finished to start promoting, you’ll have wasted at least 2-3 months of prime opportunity.

I also find that when I have an unfinished book, I’ll get it done a lot faster if I start promoting it. That accountability really gets me going. You can use the same tactics to promote your book before it’s finished!

In our answers, Felicia and I discuss:

  • How to make your book project feel more “real”
  • When to start getting endorsements, and how to get them
  • How to use pre-publication endorsements to promote the launch of your book
  • How to pre-seed your Amazon book page with reviews as launch day approaches
  • Where to find opportunities to speak about your book.

Enjoy the video, and share your favorite tip below!

Bob Jenkins

Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob Jenkins is the author of Take Action! Revise Later, and the creator of the Teleseminar Formula. A former high school history teacher, Bob makes it simple for you to get more clients and customers when you leverage online marketing in a strategic manner. His digital publishing credits include over 15 video-based courses and over 500 teleseminars and webinars. He's a frequent speaker at marketing conferences and on telesummits.
Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob The Teacher Jenkins


  1. Truly fantastic tips both for getting yourself motivated in the middle of your writing and getting others involved in the process (loved the LinkedIn tips, advanced copy and review tips) so they will then promote it to their followers and friends and then on the day of release post a review to Amazon. I also love your ideas for getting the testimonials in the book prior to launch date (thus the advanced copy). Great job Bob and Felicia!

  2. What an awesome, content filled video.
    Thanks for the tips. Bob and Felicia you both ROCK! and always give great, useful coaching and advice.

    • Hey Ron – glad you enjoyed the video. Where are you at in your book project?

      • Hi Bob,
        Long time no speak…
        I’m past the 1/2 point and the goal is to have it done by June 15th.
        I have to stay diligent, but I’m committed to getting it done.
        Still sticking with the plan since we met in MN, the book will be part of the credibility builder that is sent to CEOs, got the audio cd published on Kunaki. Let’s stay in touch – Ron

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’m waiting for publication of a multi-authored book and I’m looking forward to using your techniques before it launches!

    • Christine – we didn’t talk about this in terms of a multi-authored/anthology book, but imagine what will happen when you get your fellow authors to take action on these tips in tandem! The social media elements, especially, can be quite powerful in building buzz when you get a handful of people together to do them.

  4. I love that there are things we can actually do now prior to finishing. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Nicely done, guys! I’m patting myself on the back ’cause I did everything you presented … except reaching out to a niche audience on Blog Talk radio. Will do that now.

    • Way to go Kathy! Tell us more about which of the tips you implemented you would do again? How did doing them help your book reach a larger audience?