Make Marketing Easy – 3 Tips To Help Sell Your Digital Content


Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.55.11 PMMost of us who are content creators love to write.  And we are pretty good at organizing and layout out content in ways that are useful and helpful to our customers.

But as good as we may be at creating digital content, many of us are weak when it comes to marketing what we’ve created.  It’s just not what we like to do. We create our stuff, we say a little prayer, and hope that the sales roll in.

Need I say that weakness in marketing is a problem if you want to create income from your digital content?  One of my first coaches, Ali Brown, set me straight by saying early on “if you refuse to become just as great at marketing as you are at your craft, your business will fail.  Learn to love it.”  That strong statement made me blink back then.

I’m a good student, and in the years since then I’ve come to realize that half the battle of marketing is building into your product certain components that actually help you to market.  Here are 3 ways to make your marketing easy when you’re ready to launch your digital content into the world:

1.  Spend a lot more time creating the title of your product

[pullquote position=”right”]A well-chosen title gives you a springboard for marketing your new product.[/pullquote]  You’ve heard the saying “a title needs to tell in order to sell.”  What should your title tell?  First and foremost, what problem it solves.  Secondly, that the solution you offer is not difficult.

Let’s use the title of this blog post as an example.  What’s the problem I offer to solve in my title?  It’s ‘help sell your digital content.”  And how do I position my solution?  I use the phrase “make marketing easy.”  My title offers an easy solution to a problem that virtually every writer has.  That’s going to catch a prospect’s eye and draw them into reading further.

2.  Use a solid keyword phrase in your title, but without it sounding awkward or forced

Think about the phrases your prospects are likely to search on in Google or in YouTube.  If you’ve written content about how to set up a model railroad landscape make sure that the title of your content reflects that.  A poor title might be “Having Fun With Model Railroads.”

What does that say to someone looking for help with their model railroad landscape?  Not one thing.  Sure, it’s fun to do, but someone searching for help doesn’t care about that right now.

A better title for your content might be “3 Easy Steps To Creating Model Railroad Landscapes.”  Now, if someone is searching for “how to set up a model railroad landscape” your content has a good chance of coming up in their search.

3.  Use sales copy that reflects the emotions your prospect has when she is searching for help with her problem

Let me just say that the majority of good writers and content creators are not good at writing sales copy for their products.  We are too close to what we have created.  We often write copy that is logical, not based on emotion.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 8.26.44 PMRemember that people buy on emotion, and then justify what they’ve bought with logic.  We spend a lot of time when we create content organizing it into logical format that leads the user through in an organized and useful way.

It’s understandable that we then try to use the same format to write our copy, but that just doesn’t work.

If you can’t get into the emotional space of your prospect I recommend investing in a copywriter to draft up your sales copy for you.

Following these tips will help make your marketing flow well and create more interest from your potential buyers (your prospects).  And that makes it much easier to see income flowing into your bank account!

Got a tip to make marketing and selling your digital content easy? Share it in the comments below!

Sue Painter
A successful serial entrepreneur and author, Sue Painter is a mentor to small business owners throughout the U.S. and overseas. Known for her quick insight and her strong skills as a marketing strategist, Painter most loves to work with small business owners who want to refresh their business and take it to more reach and profit. Painter is a certified Book Yourself Solid coach, one of 3 coaches for Ali Brown’s worldwide Elevate coaching program, and a published author on the Kindle platform. Her books, articles, and blog posts have been published world-wide.
Sue Painter
Sue Painter


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