How To Use Slideshare To Market Your Book


Writing your book is only half the battle. Regardless of whether you self-publish or go with a traditional publisher, once your book is published, if you want it to sell well, you have to market it.

How to Use Slideshare to Market Your Book

SlideShare is a great and often overlooked social media site that has great potential for marketing your books.

Using SlideShare – The Three Primary Steps

#1: Create an Awesome Presentation Using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides

While you can upload many different file types to SlideShare, the focus of this article is on slideshows.

You can use PowerPoint or Keynote to create your presentation, or if you don’t have either of those, you can use Google Slides, which is free. Google Slides is more limited than either PowerPoint or Keynote, but you can create a decent presentation with it.

Add Beautiful Images to Your Presentation

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create powerful SlideShare presentations, but people will be more likely to look at and share your presentations if they are visually appealing.

In addition to that, if you have great images — especially on the title slide, you’ll be more likely to have your presentation featured on the SlideShare homepage which dramatically increases exposure.

For example, in the image below, note how each of the three feature presentations have images that draw you in:

Image 2

Image Editing Options

The great news is that both Keynote and PowerPoint have image editing tools built right into them, so you can do a lot right from within the programs.

Google Slides doesn’t have as many image editing options as PowerPoint and Keynote, but you can do some basic image editing such as cropping, as well as adding arrows, call outs, and shapes to your images.

You can also use free programs such as Canva or PicMonkey to create your images before uploading them to PowerPoint.

Add Solid Information to Your Presentation

Provide some of the best tips from your book in your presentation. Notice that I said to share SOME of the best tips from your book, not all.

You want to share enough information in the presentation to entice people to read your book, so don’t give away the farm, but at the same time, include enough information so that the presentation stands alone, and people benefit from it even if they don’t read your book.

Here’s an example from one of my books, The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Aspiring 9-to-5 Escape Artists

Notice that the book has 33 habits, and the SlideShare presentation has 13, which leaves 20 that are exclusive to the book.

The great thing is, you don’t have to write much, if anything from scratch for your presentation. Instead, pull small snippets of text directly from your book, and add it to the slides.

For example, in the image below, the text on the image was pulled from the book introduction:

Image 3

#2: Include a Call to Action to Buy Your Book

In addition to including links to your book on various slides, include two slides that specifically promote your book. Put the first promotional slide about half way through your presentation, and the second one at the end of your presentation.

Image 4

Notice that in the image above, slide 25 out of 53 slides was one that was focused on selling the book.

#3: Share the Presentation on Social Media and on Your Blog

One thing I love the most about SlideShare is that the presentations can be so easily shared. There are built in sharing buttons for the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Image 5

Image 6

In the image above you can see that not only are there social sharing buttons on the presentation, you can also share the presentation via email, you can embed it on a blog or website, and you can grab a link to share in Tweets, blog posts, email, and so on.

One thing that I love the most about sharing SlideShare presentations on social media is that in many cases, the presentation can be viewed without ever leaving the social network. For example as you can see in the image below, the play buttons for the presentation are present on Pinterest.

Image 7

Creating a SlideShare presentation takes time, but especially since you can use the presentation multiple places such as on your blog, it’s well worth the effort!

Rebecca Livermore
Rebecca Livermore is a writer and podcaster, and the owner and founder of Professional Content Creation, a company focused on training small business owners to effectively use content to market their businesses. While she's worked as a content manager and podcast producer for leaders in the social media and content marketing industries, she's passionate about helping emerging business owners use content to expand their reach and influence.
Rebecca Livermore
Rebecca Livermore