Which eBook Publishing Platform is Best?

by Kristen Eckstein Before we get too deep into answering this question, know upfront this is like asking a mother of three which child is her favorite. Each platform comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Digital publishing is a huge all-encompassing world of everything from e-books and Kindle to video and teleseminars. For the purposes […]

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Listings

by Lynne Klippel Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retailer. The site receives 65 million visitors each month! While some people don’t like Amazon.com’s control of the book marketplace, there is no denying the fact that this site forever altered how people buy and sell books. I once heard an interview with Jeff Bezos, the […]

How Many Books Do I Need to Sell to Become a Kindle Bestseller? [Video]

by Marnie Pehrson Anytime you’ve written a book, you gain credibility, but when you add to it bestseller status, it builds credibility and trust. You can put “bestselling author” in your bio, your tagline, your business card, etc. Be aware, though, that all bestsellers are not created equal. Certainly, becoming an Amazon bestseller isn’t nearly […]

Fun and Games with Amazon and Kindle

This post is intended to be an update to my earlier post called: Why Your Ebook Is Really a Self-Contained Website – And How To Benefit from It In that post I suggested, among other things, that you should include truly helpful affiliate links within your Kindle books and that if appropriate that some of […]