The Secret Formula to Creating a Bestselling Book

by Penny Sansevieri Writing a book is one thing, promoting it is a whole different animal. But what if you could, right out of the gate, know exactly what to do to create an outstanding, well-received book that was promoted in such a way that it sold better than you expected? Sound like a dream? […]

Becoming An Author – How Do You Spell Success?

by Nina Amir Every writer has a different definition of successful authorship or a successful book. That definition need not include the same criteria as those used by the publishing industry. But to know for certain if your book is successful, or if you have reached your goals as an author, you must know how […]

How Many Books Do I Need to Sell to Become a Kindle Bestseller? [Video]

by Marnie Pehrson Anytime you’ve written a book, you gain credibility, but when you add to it bestseller status, it builds credibility and trust. You can put “bestselling author” in your bio, your tagline, your business card, etc. Be aware, though, that all bestsellers are not created equal. Certainly, becoming an Amazon bestseller isn’t nearly […]