Why You Should Welcome Anything Less Than 5 Star Reviews

by Joan Stewart When I’m looking at book or product reviews on Amazon, nothing sets off my B.S. detector faster than dozens of reviews that are all five stars, and none less than that. It’s the same at other sites. When I was shopping online for living room curtains recently at a consumer site, I […]

How To Get Book Reviews – The 5 Myths

by Shelley Hitz Getting reviews for your book is an essential part of the publishing and marketing process. However, there are many misconceptions authors have regarding book reviews.  In this post I address the 5 common myths about getting reviews for your book.

How to Get Reviews by the Truckload on Amazon

by Penny Sansevieri These days, we hear a lot about book discovery. As more and more books hit the market, readers are deluged with choices and authors are struggling to get in front of new readers and even existing fans. Recently Bowker announced that the number of books published each day in the US is […]