5 Ways to Create Flowmentum™

by Laura West Stop being subject to the whims of your energy and ideas when you are working on a creative project. You can cultivate and create Flowmentum™ so you can be more successful with a whole lot more grace and ease. Flowmentum™ is about being in rhythm with your creative project. Having momentum but also […]

How to Stay Focused & Motivated to Get Your Book Done – Part 2

by Kristen Eckstein Note: Read Part 1 of this article here! Your brain is your body’s most important organ. When it’s deprived of oxygen, water, or other basic nutrients, you’ll notice your focus dwindle and your energy zap away to nothingness. Your mental health and clarity are directly connected to your success as an author. […]

50 Places to Go for An Inspiration Date to Ignite Your Creative Ideas

by Laura West I’m a firm believer that inspiration happens outside the office. And, implementation happens when you are sitting in front of your computer. So if you are looking for fresh new, creative ideas, a different perspective or a shift in energy as you create articles, blog posts or work on that digital product, […]

Laura West – How Enhancing Your Creativity is Good for Business [audio interview]

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. Laura West is known as The Creative Thought Leader. She’s a creative business coach who works with both women and men to help them bring together their right brain creativity with the left brain practical marketing business strategies so they can have more impact with their marketing, as well as […]

Top Creativity Killers for Your Projects [Video]

by Laura West Creativity is the lifeblood of entrepreneurial success. One of your main goals in creating content is to keep feeding those creative ideas, unique thoughts and perspectives and the Flowmentum ™ going for projects in action. Every day you are coming up with ideas for articles, blog posts, information products, sales pages and […]