Why Publishing Shouldn’t Be A One Person Show

by Justine Schofield Entrepreneurs who choose to publish digitally are afforded the luxury of having many of the cumbersome and costly steps of print publishing eliminated. However, there is one aspect of traditional publishing that should absolutely not be overlooked by the tech savvy digital publishers of today: publishing with a team. As most of […]

Write First, Edit Later – If You Want to Finish Your Ebook

by Nina Amir You may have heard about your Inner Child. Maybe you’ve even heard of your Inner Parent. Did you know you also have an Inner Editor? Sometimes also called the Inner Critic, the name you give this “other self” makes no difference; its function remains the same. It finds mistakes in what you […]

How to Save Time and Money on Editing

by Lynne Klippel A professional editor is an author’s best friend.  When you are publishing digital content, it’s imperative the words you publish are accurate and clearly written.  Readers make assumptions about you and your business by the quality of your writing.  If your article or book looks sloppy and unprofessional, your readers will assume […]