How To Build Your Email List With A Free Ecourse

by Nina Amir In the early days of the Internet, people signed up for newsletters and mailing lists eagerly just to stay in touch. Today, no one signs up for anything unless they believe they will receive great value for doing so. That benefit usually comes in the form of a gift of some sort. […]

Email Marketing For Authors – A Powerful Tool

by Frances Caballo Remember when email marketing was big? Guess what? It still is. While business pages focus on social media trends, and blogs and workshops on the Internet abound with how-to information on nearly every social media network, email has been trucking along. Savvy marketers have been doing all they can to collect their […]

How To Position Your Expertise To Build Your Email List

by Kathleen Gage The heart of any online business is a responsive email list. Without this, you are on an uphill climb to success. In the early days of online marketing, it took a lot less effort to build an email list than it  does today. It didn’t take much to get someone to say “yes” […]

Email Marketing – Your Point of View Gets Your Stuff Read

by Kathleen Gage Anyone using email marketing in the late nineties knows it didn’t take much at all to get someone on your subscriber list. It took even less for them to stay on your list. Online marketing was such a novelty, people read just about anything they received. Fast forward to 2013. Building a […]