Blog Tours – A Proven Strategy to Sell eBooks and More

by Kathleen Gage Not long ago my newest book, Power Up for Profits! The Smart Woman’s Guide to Online Marketing, was published. As an author, I know how important it is to have a strategic promotional plan to not only let people know about a book, but also to sell lots of copies. There were […]

Become Famous Like Oprah. Publish Collaborative Blog Posts.

by Nicole Dean One of the best things that I’ve done in the history of my online business is to collaborate with my “competition”. Why would I want to do such a thing? The answer is simple, really. My friends and I all reach a similar audience. Plus, if we are in a profitable market […]

Got Guest Bloggers? How to Streamline your Guest Posts

by Nicole Dean I love having other really smart people write content for my sites. Obviously, so does The Future of Ink as I’m willingly doing exactly that at the moment. In fact, getting guest contributors to write for your site, when done right, can be a win-win-win. The Three Wins of Guest Contributors