Why Publishing Shouldn’t Be A One Person Show

by Justine Schofield Entrepreneurs who choose to publish digitally are afforded the luxury of having many of the cumbersome and costly steps of print publishing eliminated. However, there is one aspect of traditional publishing that should absolutely not be overlooked by the tech savvy digital publishers of today: publishing with a team. As most of […]

The Online Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Ghostwriting – Part II

Guest Post by Marcy Sheiner In Part I of this article, I reviewed ghostwriting basics such as reasons why you may want to consider hiring a ghost, reasons not to hire and I also address a common concern that many online entrepreneurs have. Let’s continue now with Part II: Who Ya Gonna Call? How do […]

The Online Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Ghostwriting – Part I

by Marcy Sheiner In Olivia Goldsmith’s novel The Bestseller, one of the main characters is a spoof of a ‘Jackie Collins type’ writer, absurdly prolific and fabulously wealthy as the author of one steamy best-seller after another. She throws tantrums whenever anyone from her gardener to her cook writes books in their ‘free time’, shouting […]