7 Secrets To Podcasting Success

By Doug Foresta and D’vorah Lansky Podcasting is a powerful way for authors to get your message out into the world in a bigger way, but it may be one of the least understood mediums, compared to blogging or video. We’ve found that many people have shied away from podcasting thinking it was too technically […]

National Podcast Day – A Personal Journey, Building Pre-Launch Buzz And More

Dr. Ellen Britt Today, September 30th, is the first ever annual National Podcast Day! (Queue dance music, party horns and toss confetti.) Hey, any excuse for a party! But seriously, why should you, as a digital content provider and reader of The Future of Ink, care about podcasting, much less celebrate a whole day devoted […]

4 Reasons YOU Should Start Podcasting Now [video]

If you watched the live Hangout with Ellen Britt, MaAnna Stephenson and me, you heard some outstanding news about the opportunity for podcasters in the coming months… …The iTunes app is going to be pre-installed on all new i-devices AND integrated as part of CarPlay available on select new cars in 2014! …Google recently unveiled […]

Why You Should Start A Podcast This Year

by Dr. Ellen Britt By now, you’ve probably heard the news… podcasting is taking off like a rocket ship! As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform to get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience. There are four primary reasons podcasting is making […]

Five Unique Ways to Boost Your Business Strategy With A Podcast

Guest post by Kelly McCausey Back in 2003 when I started my internet radio show (which turned into a podcast a year later) my format was a weekly interview style talk show. It never occurred to me then to do something else. Over the years though, I have found a lot of other interesting ways […]