Quit Herding Cats – Teleseminar Scheduling Made Simple [video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA Scheduling teleseminars with guest experts and interview hosts is like herding cats! The back and forth of finding mutually convenient days and times to record a teleseminar or run a webinar drives me crazy. So as a digital publisher who primarily creates content via teleseminar and webinar, I’m forever grateful for […]

3 Must Have Tools For Teleseminar Hosts

by Bob Jenkins MLA Hosting teleseminars frequently is a fast way to leverage digital publishing for credibility, visibility, and revenue. Whether you are new to this marketing strategy, or an experienced pro, you’ll want to use these 3 particular tools to systematize the process. Instant Teleseminar Dabblers in teleseminar marketing can get away with using […]

How To Publish Your Live Teleseminar On Your Blog

by Bob Jenkins, MLA As a digital publisher of teleseminars and virtual workshops, I’m often asked how to publish a teleseminar or live virtual event inside a blog. By embedding the event inside your website instead of relying only on the event pages created by Instant Teleseminar, you can: ~ Control the traffic better ~ […]