Quit Herding Cats – Teleseminar Scheduling Made Simple [video]


Scheduling teleseminars with guest experts and interview hosts is like herding cats! The back and forth of finding mutually convenient days and times to record a teleseminar or run a webinar drives me crazy.

So as a digital publisher who primarily creates content via teleseminar and webinar, I’m forever grateful for the invention of online calendar systems.

They allow me (and anyone who is frustrated by teleseminar scheduling) to streamline the process. What used to take several days of email and phone tag, now takes mere seconds.

In this video, I’d love to introduce you to TimeTrade (formerly called TimeDriver), and demonstrate how to use it to create a teleseminar interview calendar.

Watch the video above to discover:

  • How to get set up with TimeTrade to streamline your teleseminar scheduling
  • Secrets to creating an effective and professional activities calendar
  • What you need to share with your interview guests and hosts to avoid the headaches of back and forth scheduling via email or phone.

As always, your comments are welcome below – and thanks in advance for sharing this video with other teleseminar hosts and presenters you know!

P.S. I use this same system to coordinate my private coaching clients as well. Use it for any type of appointment setting you need to do for your business.

Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob Jenkins is the author of Take Action! Revise Later, and the creator of the Teleseminar Formula. A former high school history teacher, Bob makes it simple for you to get more clients and customers when you leverage online marketing in a strategic manner. His digital publishing credits include over 15 video-based courses and over 500 teleseminars and webinars. He's a frequent speaker at marketing conferences and on telesummits.
Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob The Teacher Jenkins


  1. Thanks for the great feedback so far!

    Remember, you can use this to schedule calls you are hosting as well as providing available time windows for you to accept invitations to speak, too. That includes out of the house speaking gigs, too.

  2. Thank you for highlighting an effective way to use TimeTrade. I recently created an account but had not really thought of using it to coordinate schedules for teleseminar interviews. This is great!

  3. Great website, great article and video from one of my favorite online teachers!!! Thanks for sharing this simple and oh so useful scheduling tool.

  4. It’s a great idea to use this tool for scheduling and teleseminars. Very cool! Thanks, Bob, for sharing how you work it and how to set it up.

  5. I love TimeTrade. I’ve used 3 or 4 different scheduling tools in the past and TT is the best. I use it to manage interviews for my podcast and private coaching clients as well.

  6. Thanks, Bob, for the cool tool. Fits perfectly with your Teleseminar Formula course.

    Teleseminar trainee (and cat herder apprentice)

  7. Thanks for the great info, Bob. Any tool that allows simplification of things we have to do to keep our businesses running smoothly gets an “A” in my book.

  8. Hi Bob-
    Thanks for another great video. I use TimeTrade too and just love it!