3 Must Have Tools For Teleseminar Hosts


Hosting teleseminars frequently is a fast way to leverage digital publishing for credibility, visibility, and revenue. Whether you are new to this marketing strategy, or an experienced pro, you’ll want to use these 3 particular tools to systematize the process.

Instant Teleseminar

Dabblers in teleseminar marketing can get away with using a free conferencing service (my favorite is FreeConferencePro.com). However, if you’re going to be doing at least one teleseminar per month (or a telesummit), you’ll love all the advantages that Instant Teleseminar gives you.

  • Full featured control dashboard let’s you “see” your callers and control speaker’s volume
  • Stylish event pages automatically created for you (no website required)
  • Q&A system and chat for audience participation
  • Easy for listeners to connect to the call through Skype, webcast, or local numbers for audience members to dial in from USA, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Embed events on your website (see my article, “How To Embed Teleseminars On Your Own Blog”)
  • Instant replay available seconds after event concludes

instant teleseminarTip: If you do use the included web page templates, I recommend you use the Classic templates instead of the Modern. Although the Modern templates look “slicker”, the Classic’s simplicity in design makes those events much easier for your audience to enjoy since everything is on one single page.

Grab this at InstantTeleseminar.com

Yeti Microphone From Blue Microphones

yeti microphoneIf you have a solid internet connection, using a USB microphone instead of a cell phone or landline gives you amazing sound for your teleseminars. The Yeti from Blue Microphones is awesome, and it’s available online for about $100 in silver or the newer platinum editions (I have the silver).

I’ve been using the Yeti Silver microphone for the last 2 years for calls and video voiceovers, and I love it. I connect to my teleseminars through Skype (thanks to Instant Teleseminar – see above), or GoToMeeting for webinars. The microphone is also perfect for podcast recording.

Tip: Make sure you check the gain and directional settings for the best result with your voice. Speak in front of the mic (not into the top) with the cardioid setting (it looks like a heart).

Yeti Microphone is Available on Amazon

Schedule Interviews With TimeTrade

Time Trade Online Scheduling

The biggest hassle for interview hosts is matching schedules with guests. Instead of going back and forth via email or phone to set a time and date, use TimeTrade (formerly TimeDriver).

I use this service for teleseminar and webinar scheduling as well as for private coaching appointments.

Your availability and appointments sync with your Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal to make sure you don’t double book yourself.

Tip: Create an event type called “(Your Brand) Teleseminars,” and set up available time blocks of 45-90 minutes a month in advance. Timetrade will then give you a link to your calendar that you can send to your prospective guests.

Not only does this streamline the process on your end, your guests know you’ve got your act together.

Set up a teleseminar schedule with TimeTrade.com

Tools Will Make A Big Difference!

Marketing effectively with teleseminars isn’t just about the message you share on the calls. These tools help you streamline the process so you can have fun, impact more people, and hold events more frequently!

Feel free to share your experience with these and other teleseminar tools below!



  1. Youcanbook.me is a good alternative to Time Trade. Love the Yeti mic.

  2. Bob, thanks for sharing your input on teleseminars. I have taken a course on them and am ready to get started so your article is perfect timing for me.
    Deborah H. Bateman-author

  3. Great tips Bob as always. I use both Instant Teleseminar and TimeTrade. They work great and are super easy to use, even if you not very techy.

    I have not considered using a microphone instead of my phone. I’ll check into that.

    I believe teleseminars are one of the key tools that authors can use to build a business. Your tools and tips will make it even easier for authors to do just that.

  4. Bob, I recently started using Timetrade and have found it to be an invaluable tool in my business. I love your idea of setting up a special link so people you are doing teleseminars with can just pick a time…no going back and forth with endless emails!

    • That has saved me so much time and hassle, Ellen – and the perception of my business is elevated because of the systemization of this process, too. And of course, I love that you got to see this first hand with an upcoming teleseminar we get to do later this week for Teleseminar Formula students! 🙂