How To Write A Book In A Month – #WNFIN

How To Write A Book In A Month - #WNFIN

by Nina Amir In just two months, you will ring in the New Year. When the clock strikes midnight, will you have achieved your writing goals? In 2014, will you have written and published a book that helped you achieve expert status or boost your business? If not, no worries. There’s still time to write […]

The Pros and Cons of Free vs. Paid Press Release Distribution Services

The Pros and Cons of Free vs. Paid Press Release Distribution Services

by Joan Stewart You’ve written a press release about your business, or your new digital product, or an event you’re hosting, and you want the widest exposure possible. You have a big decision to make. Paid services like PRNewswire and PRWeb offer tiered pricing, depending on how widely they distribute the release. If you buy […]

How To Get Your Book Into Costco (and other specialty stores)

How to Get Your Book into Costco

by Penny Sansevieri Authors ask me all the time: How can I get my book into Costco? To tell you the truth, it’s really not that complicated. But let’s look at the different ways that Costco stocks product:

6 Steps To Become An Authorpreneur

6 Steps To Become An Authorpreneur

by Justine Schofield Authorpreneurship is a totally made up word that makes so much sense. With the rise of independent and digital publishing and the shift of the marketplace to online, authors are now expected to not only write, but also sell books. As a result, authors now need to adapt the skillful and savvy […]

How To Organize Your Non-fiction Book


by Nina Amir Organization can prove a challenging task for creative people whose desks often tend to be a jumble of papers, sticky notes and books and whose filing cabinets  contain more random acts of filing than anything else. (Their computer files are often just as disorganized.) I know I have this problem. When I […]

How to Leap into Writing and Publishing Your Next Book

How to Leap into Writing and Publishing Your Next Book

by Frances Caballo Whenever I publish a new book, my husband and friends are always impressed. My colleagues? Not so much. While friends may wonder how I chose a topic and researched it, organized my time, and acquired the skills to write it, my colleagues know the Big Secret.

How To Set Up Your Goodreads Author Profile (And Why You Should!)

How to set up your author profile on Goodreads

by Shelley Hitz Goodreads is a popular platform authors can use to market their books. However, I know many authors who have not even set up the basics on Goodreads to increase their exposure on this popular site for readers. In this post, you’ll learn about the power of Goodreads as well as how to set […]

5 Tips to Make Your Author Website Convert Prospects to Profits

5 Tips to Make Your Author Website Convert Prospects to Profits

by Kristen Eckstein One of the most valuable pieces of marketing you can invest in is your “digital business card”—your website. If you feel having a social media presence and a Facebook page alone are enough, keep in mind that you don’t control those websites. You need a hub—a central location for your entire book […]

Your Online Journey Must Be Planned To Be Profitable

Your Online Journey Must be Planned to Be Profitable

by Kathleen Gage Many people dream of making six and seven figures a year online. They’ve heard about outlandish results experts in any number of industries have gotten and hope to achieve the same. Is it really possible to build a successful and profitable online business? Absolutely. But before you embark on your online journey […]

National Podcast Day – A Personal Journey, Building Pre-Launch Buzz And More

National Podcast Day

Dr. Ellen Britt Today, September 30th, is the first ever annual National Podcast Day! (Queue dance music, party horns and toss confetti.) Hey, any excuse for a party! But seriously, why should you, as a digital content provider and reader of The Future of Ink, care about podcasting, much less celebrate a whole day devoted […]