6 Steps To Become An Authorpreneur

6 Steps To Become An Authorpreneur

by Justine Schofield Authorpreneurship is a totally made up word that makes so much sense. With the rise of independent and digital publishing and the shift of the marketplace to online, authors are now expected to not only write, but also sell books. As a result, authors now need to adapt the skillful and savvy […]

Your Online Journey Must Be Planned To Be Profitable

Your Online Journey Must be Planned to Be Profitable

by Kathleen Gage Many people dream of making six and seven figures a year online. They’ve heard about outlandish results experts in any number of industries have gotten and hope to achieve the same. Is it really possible to build a successful and profitable online business? Absolutely. But before you embark on your online journey […]

7 Profitable Ways To Upsell From Your Digital Products

7 Profitable Ways To Upsell From Your Digital Products

by Joan Stewart Fries with your burger? How about upgrading that economy class airline ticket to business class? Shopping at Old Navy? Choose a cute top, and the saleswoman will suggest an adorable infinity scarf to match. Oh, wait! There’s this fabulous chunky bracelet with earrings to complete the outfit. It’s called upselling, one of […]

Two Questions Every New Author Asks

Two Questions Every New Author Asks

by Frances Caballo Every author I’ve met has asked me the same set of questions: How did you know how to price your book? What do I need to do to encourage/boost sales? Do they sound familiar? We’ve all asked these questions – I know I did – when approaching publishing for the first time. […]

How To Position Your Expertise To Build Your Email List

How to Position Your Expertise to Build Your Email List

by Kathleen Gage The heart of any online business is a responsive email list. Without this, you are on an uphill climb to success. In the early days of online marketing, it took a lot less effort to build an email list than it  does today. It didn’t take much to get someone to say “yes” […]

Fourth of July – A History of Celebrating Independence Day [#infographic]

Fourth of July - A History of Celebrating Independence Day [#infographic]

This year our weekly Friday publishing date falls on the American holiday and celebration of the Fourth of July … Independence Day. In the spirit of celebration and the purpose of The Future of Ink to feature different forms of digital content, we found an infographic to tell the story of 4th of July with […]

Becoming An Author – How Do You Spell Success?

Becoming An Author - How Do You Spell Success?

by Nina Amir Every writer has a different definition of successful authorship or a successful book. That definition need not include the same criteria as those used by the publishing industry. But to know for certain if your book is successful, or if you have reached your goals as an author, you must know how […]

11 Juicy Opt-In Offer Ideas Your Readers Will Love

11 Juicy Opt-in Offer Ideas Your Readers with Love

by Joan Stewart The next time you offer a free digital download in exchange for someone’s email address, don’t rely on the old standby: an ebook. I’ve offered plenty of them in my own business.  But I have to admit. When I see others using an ebook to bait the hook, I sometimes think to […]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends [#Infographic]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends

by Denise Wakeman What are online entrepreneurs thinking about in 2014 when it comes to social media marketing? The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published by Social Media Examiner reveals important trends and what you need to consider when it comes to creating your digital media. In the infographic below, 7 of the top social […]