Fourth of July – A History of Celebrating Independence Day [#infographic]

Fourth of July - A History of Celebrating Independence Day [#infographic]

This year our weekly Friday publishing date falls on the American holiday and celebration of the Fourth of July … Independence Day. In the spirit of celebration and the purpose of The Future of Ink to feature different forms of digital content, we found an infographic to tell the story of 4th of July with […]

Becoming An Author – How Do You Spell Success?

Becoming An Author - How Do You Spell Success?

by Nina Amir Every writer has a different definition of successful authorship or a successful book. That definition need not include the same criteria as those used by the publishing industry. But to know for certain if your book is successful, or if you have reached your goals as an author, you must know how […]

11 Juicy Opt-In Offer Ideas Your Readers Will Love

11 Juicy Opt-in Offer Ideas Your Readers with Love

by Joan Stewart The next time you offer a free digital download in exchange for someone’s email address, don’t rely on the old standby: an ebook. I’ve offered plenty of them in my own business.  But I have to admit. When I see others using an ebook to bait the hook, I sometimes think to […]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends [#Infographic]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends

by Denise Wakeman What are online entrepreneurs thinking about in 2014 when it comes to social media marketing? The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published by Social Media Examiner reveals important trends and what you need to consider when it comes to creating your digital media. In the infographic below, 7 of the top social […]

Are You Guilty Of Promo Bombing?

Are you guilty of promo bombing?

by Laura West Ok, time to fess up! Have you ever done this? You see a conversation on Facebook or LinkedIn and it fits beautifully with a product or program you offer.  You either do one of two things. You don’t do anything because you don’t want to overstep your bounds and seem salesly. Or […]

How A Strong Circle Of Influence Can Increase Your Results

How a Strong Circle of Influence Can Increase Your Results

by Kathleen Gage In the years I’ve been marketing and selling online, I’ve consistently watched people struggle in their attempts to get visibility for any number of digital products they hope to move. Whether you are using a giveaway for the purpose of building a list or selling an eBook, teleseminar, webinar or home study […]

Why You Should Start A Podcast This Year


by Dr. Ellen Britt By now, you’ve probably heard the news… podcasting is taking off like a rocket ship! As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform to get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience.  There are four primary reasons podcasting is making […]

Brand Yourself And Make More Money As A Multiple-Book Author

Brand Yourself And Make More Money As A Multiple-Book Author

by Nina Amir You might be patting yourself on the back for producing your first eBook—or even for coming up with your first book idea and for setting the goal of writing and publishing it in the near future. Guess what? The majority of authors don’t make any “real” money until they’ve published at least three […]

Why Free Is Your Best Marketing Tool And How To Harness It

Why Free Is Your Best Marketing Tool And How To Harness It

by Penny Sansevieri It seems that everyone wants a freebie these days, doesn’t it? It’s gotten to the point that when I mention doing a free eBook giveaway to authors, they just cringe. “I don’t believe in free,” they’ll often say. Believe me, I totally get this. We get hit up all the time for […]

The Secret to Marketing For Introverts

The Secret to Marketing for Introverts

by Laura West I have a confession. Do you know that I’m pretty much an introvert?  I used to be quite shy in my teens but I’ve gradually come out of that, but I’m still more introvert than extrovert.  Most people don’t know that about me. Why?  Because they see me and my work all […]