Four Ways To Use Teleseminars To Publish Your First Digital Book


A teleseminar is a fantastic catalyst for your digital publishing journey. Of course, the recording of a teleseminar is a digital publishing product in itself. But in this article, I want to share how you can use teleseminars to create a winning text-based product.

Whether you want to create a best-selling book or a simple report to build your list, speaking your thoughts first on teleseminars provides a fast path to more revenue, new clients, customers, and partners. And you’ll love how much more “ready for prime-time” your book is when you use these four ways to create your book for an eager audience.

Author’s Note: I assume by now you’re familiar with the term “teleseminar.” But if you’re not, here’s a simple definition:

A teleseminar is a conversation or lecture you deliver to an audience online or on the phone, usually presenting a specific set of ideas around your area of expertise. You can call it a webinar if you include a visual element to your presentation.

Creating your book in a vacuum can be hazardous to your health – literally and figuratively! Instead of spending weeks or months writing your material and releasing it to an untested market, use a teleseminar to test out the core messages of your book.

Use these conversations as opportunities to test out your component arguments and overall themes. See which ideas resonate with the live audiences, and which fall flat or require further explanations. Allow your listeners to provide real-time feedback in the form of questions, comments, and social media shout-outs.

Not only will this help you test out your thesis, it also helps you fine tune the specific language you use to showcase your expertise and opinions. Nobody wants to read a jargon-filled book. The teleseminar environment forces you to speak in terms your audience can understand.

Another benefit: You’ll likely discover “power phrases” that come out of your mouth in the moment. The title of my book, Take Action! Revise Later, and the core message of “helping people profitably” came out of extemporaneous conversation during a teleseminar.

Draft Your Book At The Speed Of Sound

This strategy is especially important if you have always wanted to publish a book, but have never considered yourself a writer. Use your “gift of gab” to confidently create the content of your book!

According to the 2012 Digital Publishing Industry Report, about half of those surveyed were female, above 40 years old, coaches or consultants, who want to use digital publishing to get more visibility for their services and programs.

If that describes you, then you likely also have these characteristics:

~  You’re used to talking, and you’re quite good at it!

~  You use your voice to effectively communicate with probing questions, deliberate intonation, and pacing

~  You speak (150-200 words per minute) a lot faster than you type (60-80 wpm)
Put those together and you’re prime for getting your book done faster through delivering teleseminars.

Forget about writing out a full script for your teleseminar. Instead, create a mindmap of your talk, concentrating more on the sequence of your key ideas than the specific words you’re going to use. Trust that your expertise and experience will come through naturally as you speak.

For example, here’s a mindmap of a recent teleseminar I delivered. I’m using this call to help develop my next book, 21 Ways To Grow Your Coaching Business.

Then, when your teleseminar is finished, have it transcribed by a professional who can massage the text into a readable narrative (taking out the repetitions, umms and ahhs, and tangents). Even if you don’t have it transcribed, by talking it out loud first, you’ll find it much easier to type your book than starting from a blank page.

Send the audio and/or transcript to a ghostwriter who can literally hear your “voice” as they put the finishing touches on your book while you spend your time with prospects and clients instead of hunched over, pecking away at your keyboard.

Interview Others For Additional Material

Beef up your book by bringing a guest expert onto your teleseminars. When you interview colleagues, you’ll provide different perspectives to add to your readers’ experience. Use the tips and strategies shared by your guest to supplement those of your own, giving credit and exposure to them for good marketing karma.

You’ll boost your own credibility in the eyes of your readers. They’ll see you as a connector to other experts, a person who operates within the spirit of collaboration, and someone who puts the needs of their audience in front of their own agenda.

You get search engine power from this strategy, too. When you include a bonus chapter from your colleague, you’ll be able to add that expert’s name in the description (and perhaps as a co-author) to your book’s sales page. And the search engines will return your book’s title when people search for more information on your guest expert – an extremely important factor to the success for the sales of your book!

Then, include the audio of the interview as a bonus for readers who buy your book, increasing your relationship with them even more while you sell more copies.

Build Your List Of Readers Before Publishing

As you build your book by exposing your themes and ideas to teleseminar listeners, you simultaneously build an eager audience hungry for your book.  Invite listeners to register for the call-in details of the teleseminar, and add them to your autoresponder list.

Want to give them the number and PIN without requiring the sign-up? Then encourage them to sign up for a reminder before the call, to download handouts, or to be able to download the MP3 recording of your teleseminar.

Announce to your subscribers updates on the status of your book. Share the cover graphic, have them help you choose the final title, send out previews/sample chapters to solicit endorsements, and pre-sell your book to the subscriber list.

You can even hold a launch party teleseminar where you give away copies of the book and/or the next level of service or product you’re using the book to promote.

By using pre-publication teleseminars to build your community of readers, you may even find yourself with the new title of “Best Selling Author” during the first week of release!

Begin Your Publishing Journey With Teleseminars

Equipped with these four strategies, you’re ready to go! Take action by presenting your teleseminar within the next two weeks, then revise your ideas and presentations with the feedback you receive from your listeners. Be a guest for other teleseminar hosts to widen your reach.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have your book finished in no time, and you will finally have your message out into the world!


  1. Lynne Klippel says:

    Bob, this is a brilliant idea!

    Thanks for sharing it and for reminding folks of the importance of working with a good editor or ghostwriter to polish up those transcripts.

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  3. Bob, love your tips for turning a teleseminar into a digital book. Doing a launch party teleseminar is a great idea. Thanks for coming on board The Future of Ink as one of our core expert writers.