Producing an Interactive eBook – Will Burden [audio interview]


Screen shot iPad Cooper Edens Night RainbowAs a digital content producer, wouldn’t you just love to be able to have your written content available as an interactive ebook…complete with colorful animated graphics, sound and best of all, the ability for people to download them from iTunes?

While there are a few interactive ebooks out there, I didn’t know anyone personally who had actually produced one of these. Until I met Will Burden, that is.

Will is the co-founder of Lucid Dream Atelier and his company has recently produced an animated, interactive digital ebook, based on author Cooper Edens’ 1979 children’s book, If You Are Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow.

Screen Shot iPad Cooper Edens Night Rainbow Sky FallsI had a chance to experience the app myself on my iPad and found it to be completely delightful. Plus, it really keyed me into the world of interactive digital media and opened my mind to the possibilities available to online entrepreneurs in this realm.

Will was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to let me ask him some questions and to talk about what he sees as the future of interactive media.

Just click on the player below to hear the interview with Will Burden. Enjoy!

The transcript of this interview is on its way. We’ll let you know when it’s ready!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or anything you want to say to Will, leave them in the comments section below. And check out Will’s creation on iTunes by simply clicking here!

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Ellen Britt
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Ellen Britt
Ellen Britt


  1. Thank you for this concept. As a fiction writer I started writing my new series in what I call Imagery. Imagery by Palmer is where the environment such as the earth, sea, and sky interact with the characters and script as a third and fourth character. you can see this affect in Chronicles of Orm, book one, Legend of Cre – lo – Way on amazon Kindle. I can see that your approach in interactive media would work well with my Imagery. Please check this out and see what you think. The future of writing is moving in this direction. I firmly believe that processes like what you offer will be the new way to go. everything else will be – just black and white. Good for you. contact me at and thanks