7 Types Of Book Launch Events You Can Use To Gain Best Seller Status For Your Book

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If you have a book that’s being published soon, you’ll want to take advantage of all that a book launch can offer!

In this video, I describe seven types of book launch events with resources for you to consider:

The 7 Types of Book Launch Events Discussed in the Video

1. Discounted price
2. Bestseller Launch
3. Virtual Book Tours
4. Giveaways and Contests
5. Group Promotions
6. Online Conferences
7. Combine One Or More Of The Above

Things to Consider

Event Timing
Event Length
Type of Event

Book Launch Event #1: Discounted price

Depending on the price of your book, you offer a discount for a short period of time. I recommend 2-3 days. Many authors launch their book at $0.99 for the first week to generate interest and sales. But, this can be done at any time to help boost sales as well.

Book Launch Event #2: Bestseller Launch

A bestseller launch is a focused effort to launch a book on a specific day to drive sales to Amazon at the same time. This tends to get a higher bestseller rank faster.
Usually you will include some kind of bonus for those who buy during your launch. However, realize these are not as effective as they used to be, but still an option to consider.

Book Launch Event #3: Virtual Book Tours

A virtual book tour is a powerful way to connect with another person’s established network. You can set the length to whatever fits best in your schedule. You can do this through guest blog posts, guest podcast interviews, etc.

Find a list of over 650 potential blog tour hosts here: www.trainingauthors.com/bloghosts
Examples of two of my tours:
• Forgiveness formula blog tour (10 hosts): www.theforgivenessformula.com/virtual-book-tour
• Video tour: I had 21 different hosts post 21 different short videos I recorded along with information about my book. Here is one example: http://therisingmuse.com/2012/11/16/21-ways-to-celebrate-gratitude/

Book Launch Event #4: Giveaways and Contests

Be creative and think outside the box. You want to pull in your readers instead of pushing them away and to be the FUN one!

Types of giveaways:

KDP select free days
Rafflecopter giveaways
Goodreads giveaways (paperback books)

Book Launch Event #5: Group Promotions

With this option, you are able to harness the power of a group. All the authors involved agree to promote the group event and it is usually created around a theme.

Examples of group promotions I have helped organize:

• Christian Book 100% Off Sale: http://www.bodyandsoulpublishing.com/100-percent-off-christian-books/
• CrossReads March Madness Promotion http://crossreads.com/marchmadness/

A group promotion I participated in:

• March to a Bestseller: https://www.facebook.com/events/1642751759284824

Book Launch Event #6: Online Conferences

You can host an online conference via teleseminars, webinars, or Google+ hangouts. Then, you invite guest speakers that you interview during your conference. This gives you exposure to each speaker’s audience.

Get more information here: http://www.trainingauthors.com/teleseminar-services-for-authors

Example of one of my online conferences:

• Unshackled and Free Four Day Online Conference: http://theforgivenessformula.com/conference/

Book Launch Event #7: Combine One Or More Of The Above

You can also choose to do a combination of the options I covered. This will require more time and effort, but may yield better results.
For example:

• KDP free promotion with a virtual book tour.
• Online conference followed by a bestseller launch.
• Group promotion, Rafflecopter giveaway, and virtual book tour.
• etc.

Action Steps
• Decide When and How Long Your Event Will Be.
• Choose Your Event(s).
• Do The Work To Get It Done!


What types of book launch events have you used? Share what you have found works the best in the comments below!

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