The Shocking Truth Why Most Affiliate Partnerships Don’t Work

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If you’ve been exploring how to run a business online for any length of time you’ve likely heard there are surefire ways to achieve greater success for your efforts. At the top of the list are joint-venture and affiliate partnerships.

The Shocking Truth Why Most Affiliate Partnerships Don't Work

Although a very effective way to increase your market reach and visibility, there are some “must dos” and “don’t dos” to building successful partnerships.

Partnering with those who are a great fit can, and will, achieve incredible results, including reaching highly qualified prospects, increased opt ins, higher revenues and increased market reach.

On the flip side, partnering with those who are not a good fit will result in frustration, wasted efforts and minimal results.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

An online business partnership is no different from one that is developed offline. You have to put effort into what you are doing, and you absolutely must nurture the relationships.

To achieve the greatest results for your efforts, you must be willing to put time and effort into building relationships. The partnership landscape has gotten very crowded, making it increasingly difficult for people to want to partner with others.

For many, common sense seems to have gone by the wayside. There are frequently last-minute requests to partner in online launches.

Recently, I had a well-known author shoot off a private message asking me to post a message on my Facebook wall about her book launch happening that same day.

I was happy to put a quick post up because I know the quality of this expert’s work and am a fan of her work.

No more did I let her know I had posted than she sends me another message, asking me to send out a solo message to my entire list. This time I said no.

There were several reasons for my refusal to send out a message to my list. One, I had not read her newest book. Two, I like to plan out these types of promotions. Three, I had not heard from this woman since the last time she had a similar request.

Had I been asked with more lead-time and been sent a review copy of her book, I would have been more likely willing and able to have said yes to her request.

It has become increasingly common for people, who want their “stuff” promoted by others, to shoot off a message at the last minute, requesting help promoting a book, information product, course or event.

We are left feeling like they could care less about building a long-term partnership and simply want to exploit our community.

Begin With The End in Mind

Now, more than ever, it’s incredibly important to do things with the long term in mind, rather than a slam, bam approach.

The amount of “noise” we are all dealing with has gotten way out of control. To minimize the short-term mentality and really approach things from a win/win perspective, take time upfront to build relationships so that when you do need help promoting your campaigns people are more likely to say yes.

Granted, some people are not interested in building a solid relationship and simply want to promote something to make a buck, but there are those people who are truly interested in creating a great experience with their partners and their community.

If you are asking people to promote a low-priced product, the amount of effort required will likely be different from if you are asking someone to get involved in book launches, live-event promotions, sponsorships or coaching programs.

The higher the investment to the end user, the more you need to nurture your joint-venture and affiliate relationships.

To get the most from your efforts, build relationships before you need them. Do what you can to create a great outcome for all concerned. Think in terms of how to create a great experience all the way around.

You can use the shotgun approach and blast messages out to your affiliates or you can use a more personal and targeted approach.

The choice is up to you. But if you really want sustainable partnerships, treat the relationship like gold, because the fact is building solid partnerships has become a lost art for a great many people.

You will stand out big time if you are willing to put sincere effort into what you are doing.

Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage is a marketing strategist and business consultant who works with consciously aware entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. We work with our clients to help them fully identify their expertise, their market (tribe), gain massive visibility, and package their knowledge into various information products and services.
Kathleen Gage
Kathleen Gage
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