5 Ways To Promote Your Book Before It’s Finished [Video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA Recently I visited a good friend of mine and The Future of Ink’s, Felicia Slattery. We took questions from our members, and recorded our answers via video… a great way to come up with and publish digital content, by the way!. One burning (and common) question came in from Tom Nosal, […]

Video Replay Tip: How To Include A Table Of Contents [Video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA Students of my virtual workshops tell me they love it when I include a table of contents in the video replays of the sessions so they can zoom straight to a specific area of the training, instead of guessing where key material is. Are you doing this in your classes? It’s […]

Accelerate Your Digital Publishing – 4 Easy Steps to Teleseminar Repurposing

by Bob Jenkins MLA Time… this is the central challenge business owners, coaches, and other entrepreneurs face when it comes to growing their business. How are you doing with time? You can rapidly increase your digital publishing when you reduce the time it takes for you to create and publish your content. And my favorite […]

How To Mindmap Your Digital Publishing Projects [video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA If you have difficulty finishing what you start when it comes to publishing your digital content, I’ve got a great video for you today. People have often asked me about my prolific publishing of digital content over the last 7 years, and they’re often surprised to learn that I have one […]

Quit Herding Cats – Teleseminar Scheduling Made Simple [video]

by Bob Jenkins MLA Scheduling teleseminars with guest experts and interview hosts is like herding cats! The back and forth of finding mutually convenient days and times to record a teleseminar or run a webinar drives me crazy. So as a digital publisher who primarily creates content via teleseminar and webinar, I’m forever grateful for […]

3 Must Have Tools For Teleseminar Hosts

by Bob Jenkins MLA Hosting teleseminars frequently is a fast way to leverage digital publishing for credibility, visibility, and revenue. Whether you are new to this marketing strategy, or an experienced pro, you’ll want to use these 3 particular tools to systematize the process. Instant Teleseminar Dabblers in teleseminar marketing can get away with using […]

How To Publish Your Live Teleseminar On Your Blog

by Bob Jenkins, MLA As a digital publisher of teleseminars and virtual workshops, I’m often asked how to publish a teleseminar or live virtual event inside a blog. By embedding the event inside your website instead of relying only on the event pages created by Instant Teleseminar, you can: ~ Control the traffic better ~ […]

Four Ways To Use Teleseminars To Publish Your First Digital Book

by Bob Jenkins, MLA A teleseminar is a fantastic catalyst for your digital publishing journey. Of course, the recording of a teleseminar is a digital publishing product in itself. But in this article, I want to share how you can use teleseminars to create a winning text-based product. Whether you want to create a best-selling […]