12 Digital Publishing Tools The Experts Recommend

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Future of Ink, we asked our expert writers to tell us about their favorite digital publishing tools they’ve discovered in the last six months or so. If you are looking for tools to help you publish, curate and create digital content, you’ll find 12 terrific tools to […]

4 Reasons YOU Should Start Podcasting Now [video]

If you watched the live Hangout with Ellen Britt, MaAnna Stephenson and me, you heard some outstanding news about the opportunity for podcasters in the coming months… …The iTunes app is going to be pre-installed on all new i-devices AND integrated as part of CarPlay available on select new cars in 2014! …Google recently unveiled […]

Fourth of July – A History of Celebrating Independence Day [#infographic]

This year our weekly Friday publishing date falls on the American holiday and celebration of the Fourth of July … Independence Day. In the spirit of celebration and the purpose of The Future of Ink to feature different forms of digital content, we found an infographic to tell the story of 4th of July with […]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends [#Infographic]

by Denise Wakeman What are online entrepreneurs thinking about in 2014 when it comes to social media marketing? The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published by Social Media Examiner reveals important trends and what you need to consider when it comes to creating your digital media. In the infographic below, 7 of the top social […]

How To Write And Publish Books That Sell [Webinar]

Everyone says, “Now is the best time to be an author.” But do you have the knowledge and training to produce a marketable book and to succeed as either a traditionally published or self-published author? To produce a book that gets read by thousands of people in your target market, you have to have more […]

How to Dominate your Niche with a Book Blog

by Denise Wakeman It goes without saying your book must be found online or it doesn’t exist.  In order to break through the noise and attract the right audience for your book, you need to be incredibly visible on the Web since there’s so much competition for your readers’ time and attention. So, how do you […]

The Inside Story on Kristen Eckstein’s Astounding Success with Kindle eBooks

Kindle has been a hot topic for the past couple of years, and for good reason! Business owners are finally beginning to realize how being published on Kindle can boost their credibility and skyrocket their profits. Ellen Britt and I invited publishing expert Kristen Eckstein to share her expertise and experience with Kindle ebook publishing. […]

How to Design Infographics [#infographic]

by Denise Wakeman In a previous post, I shared an infographic about why your brain craves infographics. They remain a popular tool for telling a story and getting your message across in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand. But how do you design infographics?  While there’s more to it than meets the eye, […]

Five Essential Elements You Must Have in Place to Sell More Books

by Denise Wakeman Is one of your business goals to publish an ebook (or physical book)? Seems like a lot of my clients and colleagues are writing and publishing ebooks right now. You may also be in the process or about to start and I congratulate you for making the decision and taking action. I’ve had quite […]

Book Clubs and Book Marketing Tips – Digital Publishing Roundup

by Denise Wakeman Welcome to The Future of Ink’s Digital Publishing Roundup. Every week, we read and share dozens of articles about digital publishing, self-publishing, book marketing, content marketing and news from the world of digital publishing. The links are shared on our Facebook page, Pinterest board, Twitter, and the TFOI Google+ Community. Realizing you may not be following us everywhere, […]