10 Twitter Tips For Creating Better Social Media Content

by Peg Fitzpatrick It’s always important to sharpen our skills when needed – which it always is in my opinion. Writing particularly leads us on the quest for the perfect word choice, the best grammar usage, and the most clear sentence structure possible. Applying these skills to social media marketing is another skill all together. Everybody Writes: […]

The Art of Social Media for Writers

by Peg Fitzpatrick Building a social media platform has never been more important whether you plan on self-publishing or pitching your book to a traditional publisher. Writing a great book is just part of the equation, your social media platform is where readers will get to know you, find out about what you’re writing, and […]

How to Use Visual Marketing to Sell Books

By Peg Fitzpatrick Visual marketing may seem foreign to an author, after all we specialize in words, right? Changes in social media have shifted slightly to a more visual world with Pinterest, Instagram, and the wild popularity of YouTube. Not to worry, using your creativity and some handy free web tools, you can create a […]

How to Build Buzz for Your Book with Social Media

by Peg Fitzpatrick Writing a book is a grand achievement and checks off a bucket list item for many writers. However, what happens after you finish writing is the key to finding readers and ultimately selling your book. Social media marketing is the best way to get the word out about who you are and […]