How To Get Influencers To Notice You

by Penny Sansevieri Getting high-profile people to write a blurb or endorse your book is always a great goal – or even getting someone to share your stuff is fantastic. Going after them, however, can be tricky because in the age of social media and access to everyone, it’s easy to get carried away when […]

12 Publishing And Marketing Predictions For 2015

by Penny Sansevieri With 2015 right around the corner, it’s time to start looking to the future and where we might be headed. While I don’t have a crystal ball (and often I wish I did), I wanted to take a look at where I think publishing, self-publishing, and marketing are headed in the new […]

How To Revive A Stale Book For More Sales

by Penny Sansevieri What if I told you that you could simply and easily revive an old or older book and start making sales on it again? Would you be game? Most of us who have been writing for a while are sitting on a lot of content and a lot of older books that […]

How To Get Your Book Into Costco (and other specialty stores)

by Penny Sansevieri Authors ask me all the time: How can I get my book into Costco? To tell you the truth, it’s really not that complicated. But let’s look at the different ways that Costco stocks product:

The Secret Formula to Creating a Bestselling Book

by Penny Sansevieri Writing a book is one thing, promoting it is a whole different animal. But what if you could, right out of the gate, know exactly what to do to create an outstanding, well-received book that was promoted in such a way that it sold better than you expected? Sound like a dream? […]

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose: 20 Ways To Maximize Existing Content And Cut Your Blogging Time in Half

by Penny Sansevieri By now we’ve all heard the endless chatter about Google’s issues with duplicate content. In the past, we could easily re-run pieces in a variety of places. Some experts I know reused articles as many as twenty times, but if you do that now you may find your site in a lot […]

How To Turn A Freebie Lover Into A Super Fan

by Penny Sansevieri A few years ago I worked on a project that was tied to Days of Our Lives. For those of you who grew up with soap operas (or maybe still try to catch them from time to time) you know that this show has been on the air for 47-odd years A […]

Why Free Is Your Best Marketing Tool And How To Harness It

by Penny Sansevieri It seems that everyone wants a freebie these days, doesn’t it? It’s gotten to the point that when I mention doing a free eBook giveaway to authors, they just cringe. “I don’t believe in free,” they’ll often say. Believe me, I totally get this. We get hit up all the time for […]

How to Research Keywords to Help you Create the Perfect Book

by Penny Sansevieri Last month we talked about how to create bestselling book ideas and use keywords to help identify the right market, focus, and direction for your book. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper into this whole topic of keywords and focus on the strategy for identifying the exact right words for your market. […]