Case Study – One Year Post Publication – What a Book Did for Susan Freeman’s Business


Susan S. Freeman

Susan S. Freeman

Susan S. Freeman launched her book Step Now in January 2012.  She was new in business and created her book as a branding tool along with her first website, blog and social media platform.

I recently interviewed Susan Freeman to find out if having a book made an impact on her business growth and profits.

According to Susan, her book opened many doors for her, and continues to do so today.

In the last year, she gave 20 free presentations at various groups in her local area, spoke at a national conference, and gave one paid corporate presentation.

She also was featured on two national television programs and a host of radio programs.  When she tried to get speaking engagements or interviews before she was a published author, it was challenging.  Now that she has a book, meeting planners and conference organizers are much more interested in her presentations.

Susan also grew her coaching practice exponentially.  She created a six month coaching program based on her book and attracted 15 new clients to that program from her presentations.

Many of them have completed that program and are continuing in a coaching relationship with Susan. She also created a group coaching program and two corporate training programs based on her book’s content.

KlippelApril2Her book also made her an attractive joint venture partner.  She has 12 strategic alliances in development with a variety of corporations and individual business owners, and a much wider circle of people with whom she can collaborate.

Of course, all this business expansion in a year created some challenges for Susan.  She revised her business plan to make it more scalable, hired another virtual assistant and a social media strategist, and brought in a business mentor coach to help manage all her new opportunities.

Susan will be the first to tell you that all these accomplishments required a lot of work.  Before her book was launched, she had no website, no social media presence, no opt-in list and her business was in its infancy.

In one year, she created a weekly blog, website, media kit, several signature presentations, and robust social media platform.  She worked hard to market her book and grow her business. Her efforts paid off.  Her business turned a profit in its first year, even with all of her start- up expenses.

KlippelApril3One of the biggest accomplishments for Susan was working with the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. Her book is now part of the leadership curriculum there and, with some of her book profits, Susan is supporting some of the students.

Helping Akilah develop future women leaders is intensely meaningful for Susan.  She hopes to be able to do some presentations on her book there in the near future.

Is Susan Super Woman?

Susan is a very human and has no super powers.  She possess a well written book, a deep conviction that her information can help her readers, and a willingness to invest in the coaching, mentoring, and staff help she needed to make this first year as a published author such a success.  She also worked really hard to implement all the facets of her business plan.

Susan continues to grow her business using her book.  She’s developing new corporate training programs and strategic alliances with a variety of companies which will help her extend the reach of her book and attract more clients.

She’s also continuing work to attract additional speaking opportunities and grow her platform.  Her opt-in list is continuing to grow as well.  She has some exciting things planned for 2013 and the passion to implement those plans.

How You Can Use Susan Freeman’s Success to Spark Your Own

This case study clearly demonstrates what is possible when you have a published book.  Susan started from scratch with no list, no website, and a minuscule platform.  If she can achieve this kind of success in one year, you can too!

Follow these 5 steps:

1. Work from your strengths.  Susan loves to speak and used speaking to attract clients, book readers, and strategic alliances.  Whether you shine at speaking, writing, networking, or social media, use your strengths as your primary marketing tool.

2. Create a branded, professional looking web presence.  Because Susan was just beginning her business, she used her book cover as part of her band identity.  Her website, blog, business cards, and all her marketing materials use elements from her book cover, creating a stunning brand.  See Susan site as an example here :

3. Invest in help. Susan invested in professional copywriting, web design, and staff time to help her grow her business.

4. Create Income Opportunities. Susan increased her income streams by creating individual and group coaching programs based on the material in her book.  This is an excellent tip for any non-fiction author.  Readers often need help implementing the material in your book.  You are in an excellent position to coach them to success.

5. Have a Big Why.  Susan tied her book to her favorite charity so that with each book sold, she was helping educate young women in Africa.  This motivated Susan to work hard and succeed.  How can you create a powerful goal to help people or organizations that are precious to you with your book?

Your book is your very best tool for growing your business.  If you follow Susan’s example, just imagine all the results you could enjoy 12 months after your book is published!

Lynne Klippel
Lynne Klippel is a best-selling author, publisher, and book strategist who focuses on books which build a business. Her clients are non-fiction writers who create books on spirituality, business, personal development, relationships, and how to books which delight readers and convert them to clients.
Lynne Klippel
Lynne Klippel


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    Nice interview except it never actually says what Susan does. It mentions that she coaches and talks about leadership but should have explained what her business actually is in the article. She’s not a household name.

  2. What a great story Lynne! I love hearing how she stepped into “movement” and created a business around it. Well done & thanks for sharing! It’s inspiring…and motivating me about my own book! 😉