How to Design Infographics [#infographic]

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How to Design InfographicsIn a previous post, I shared an infographic about why your brain craves infographics. They remain a popular tool for telling a story and getting your message across in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand.

But how do you design infographics? 

While there’s more to it than meets the eye, it doesn’t have to be complicated and there are a lot of tools now to help you create this type of microcontent for your products, books and services, even if you’re not a graphic designer!  One popular tool is Pictochart. In fact, Ellen Britt used it to create one on content repurposing that has been embedded, shared and pinned hundreds of times.

 Below is an infographic created by TFOI writer Shelley Hitz, to illustrate what you need to take into account to create a successful infographic. It’s simple, to the point and gets the most important points across.

Shelley covers:

1. Why Design Infographics

2. Types of Infographics

3. Tips for Creating Infographics

4. Infographic Design Tools

5. Where to Submit Your Infographics

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Now that you have the big picture, jump over to Shelley’s blog to read her detailed explanations of each point.

I wondered about how many tools there are for infographic design and found quite a few lists on Below is the list I feel gives you the best choices for when you’re ready to design infographics for your business.

I’m curious, have you created any infographics for your business? If so, what tool(s) did you use and did you find it easy or difficult? Tell us your infograpic story in the comments.

Denise Wakeman
Denise Wakeman is an Online Business Strategist and Co-Founder of The Future of Ink. Denise is the host of the popular Hangout show Adventures In Visibility, focused on helping small businesses and online entrepreneurs optimize, leverage, and strategically use social marketing tools like HOAs to gain visibility, build credibility and make more money selling their products and services. Denise is passionate about Adventure travel and how it can inspire you to think bigger and go for what’s possible in your business and life.
Denise Wakeman
Denise Wakeman
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  1. Hey Denise: These infographics are cool but I have never used them. I am contemplating using them however. I am wondering if I have the skill set to create one. Thanks for the list of tools as I am going to check them out and explore. So thanks.

  2. HubSpot has a terrific free guide to creating infographics with PowerPoint – it includes some templates, too. Google ‘HubSpot infographics’.

  3. Mary Alice says:

    I often create what I consider info graphics when I build ads for clients on my online news source. Often they send their own graphics, but when called upon, I love to create ads using the information they want in the ad. It’s fun and lucrative.