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While for the most part, loss of power, heat, and water during a hurricane can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and anxiety producing, it by no means compares to the tragic loss of life or the devastation experienced by having one’s home damaged or destroyed, by raging rivers or rising tides. It also does not compare to the hardship imposed on those who depend on electricity to power essential life-support devices.

My heart goes out to those people and to the families, who live in towns a mere 40 miles from my home, whose neighborhoods are flooded or homes destroyed.

In this a//strong> be comparing levels of hardship endured by natural disasters, but rather will be talkin/arned during major storms and how these lessons can be applied by authors who are preparing for a tidal wave of exposure for their books.

I’ve lived on the East Coast of the United States for 26 years (originally from California) and until last year had experience only one Hurricane, Hurricane Bob in 1991. During the past two years however, we were hit full on by Hurricane Irene (2011), a freak snowstorm in Autumn (2011), and Hurricane Sandy (2012.)

Being Unprepared Comes with a Price

During Hurricane Irene we were unprepared and taken by surprise. We lost power for close to two weeks, and for those without emergency kits, or food and water supplies, it was a challenging and frightening time.

There was no plan in place and we did know where to go for community support. A lot of time and energy was spent trying to figure out how to access resources and it was anxiety producing to not know how to navigate this unfamiliar territory.

Learn From Past Mistakes

Fourteen months after Hurricane Irene, screamed through our state, we became aware of Hurricane Sandy. This time people were prepared and they took action immediately.

As Hurric/own on us, new systems had been put in place to keep people informed and up-to-date. We received instructions v/ system and community websites, alerting us as to what to expect, how to prepare, and where to go after the storm if we were in need of food, water, shelter, or powering stations for our electronic devices.

For authors, not being prepared with a plan to market their books can also be anxiety producing and even frightening. You may begin to wonder if you are going to be able to sell your books and if all the energy you have put into writing and publishing your book was worth it. If you don’t know where to go for community support or what resources to draw upon to navigate this unfamiliar terrain, you could feel isolated or stranded.

Putting a plan in place to market your book online begins by equipping yourself with knowledge, and finding out where to go to get pertinent information. This will allow you to “take the Internet by storm” as you reach more people and sell more books.

In a recent article, book marketing expert Lynnette Phillips shares Ten Tips for Easy and Painless Book Promotion. You’ll not only discover tips for personally promoting your book, you’ll also discover ways to tap into community support.

As you go/ note of the powerful strategies presented. You won’t be able to put ten things in place at once but you can begin b/ings that grab your attention. Your next step is to actually schedule time in your calendar to participate in these book marketing activities.

You may want to keep a journal as you put your marketing blueprint in place. You can make note of your findings and results, and provide yourself with easy access to strategies that work, for present and future books.

Create a Tidal Wave of Exposure for Your Book – on Amazon

With the rise in popularity and ease of being able to publish to Amazon Kindle, many authors want to know the best ways to let the world now about their new publication.

Rather th/st of strategies you can participate in, I’ll refer to you two powerful books on the topic. B/e format and are packed with activities you can easily put in place. By promoting your book on Amazon you can broaden your reach and share the message of your book with more people.

In a storm, people need to know where to go to find information and updates. If they don’t have the website address, they can conduct a search in Google using keywords to locate the site they are looking for.

The same / being able to find your book, based on keywords they type into the Amazon search box/ries and tags is a powerful marketing strategy.

In her Kindle book, Amazon Author Tips, Optimize Amazon, Move up the Ranking and Sell more Books, Michelle Vandepas shares tips for improving your Amazon ranking. By ranking higher in the Amazon search engine, the more likelihood you have of people finding your site.

Michelle /ative article on the topic called, The Top Ranking Strategy to becoming (and staying) a Successful Amazon Author

In her new book Marketing Your Book with Amazon, Shelley Hitz has put together a powerful and comprehensive guide that walks authors through 21 powerful things they can do to maximize their exposure and their book sales on Amazon! Shelley includes screenshot photographs and walks you through step-by-step, how to effectively set up your book sales page on Amazon while making the most of the many opportunities Amazon avails to authors!

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan


In the book world, it is not uncommon for authors to publish their book and attempt to market it without a clear plan in place. Just as people need to be aware of what the plan is before, during, and after a storm, as an author, you need to prepare to market your books before they are published, know what to do once your book has been published, and have a plan in place for marketing your book after the launch has taken place.

After reading this article and visiting the links to the referenced websites, put a plan in place for marketing your book. By developing a plan, you’ll set yourself apart, and you’ll be in position to create a tidal wave of publicity for your book! I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below…

D'vorah Lansky
D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online. She is also the founder of the Digital Publishing Café, which provides workshops, interviews, courses, and resources to help you produce, publish, and promote your digital content. Connect with D’vorah and receive a collection of digital publishing tips and resources.
D'vorah Lansky
D'vorah Lansky

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