Publish or Perish: Why Video is Crucial to Your Content Strategy


You have no doubt heard the expression ‘publish or perish‘ used in academia.  The phrase came from the idea that professors absolutely must create and publish content in order to keep their jobs and reputations intact.

The very same ‘publish or perish’ mandate can now be used for solopreneurs and service providers working to maintain their edge and keep their businesses alive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

However, in the digital age, ‘publish’ does not necessarily mean books or print content.  Today, you must publish and upload video to ensure that you don’t perish!  Video content is the future, and those who don’t adapt and begin to publish video will most likely perish.

It wasn’t all that long ago that small businesses realized without a website, they would not be taken seriously.  To run a successful business, you simply had to have an online presence. The same is now true of having a video presence online.  Websites without video are now thought of as out of touch, less professional and, even worse, less relevant.

Having a video on your website is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it’s a ‘must have!’  And without video, you’re simply not going to be taken seriously as a business.  In short, your competitors who are using video are going to leave you in the dust.

Here are three key guidelines for publishing video online so you don’t perish:

1.     Start with a strategy

With video marketing, as with any kind of marketing, you need to start with a plan.  Determine your professional goals and build video publishing into your overall business strategy.  Your video strategy objectives may be to establish a “beach head” on YouTube to increase your visibility and credibility, or it could be as simple as ensuring that you’re posting video blog posts so that your content is more engaging and relevant.

Video can be integrated into just about any of your marketing activities.  Are you doing email marketing?  Make it more personal and powerful with video email.  Two services that make video email simple include and

MailVu is a video email service that makes it super simple to send personal videos via email.

2.     Look for your video “money touch”

As you develop your video marketing strategy, decide where you can get the most ROI from your videos.  A video on your sales page or product launch page can be far more powerful and persuasive than a static text page, and using video can dramatically accelerate the sales process. 

Determine how video can have a positive financial impact on your business, whether that means creating video products like recorded webinars, or using “video direct outreach” to establish a stronger connection to your clients and prospects.

Live or pre-recorded video webinars can drive engagement and generate revenue.

3.     Tame the tech

It’s no accident that we’re practically done with this article and we haven’t mentioned technology until now.  The tech stuff comes after the strategy and after the planning.  Don’t stress out about what camera to use or whether the lighting is just right.  It’s all about the content, not the quality.

Your message is far more important than whether you shot your video with your webcam versus your iPhone.  Find a repeatable process that works for you, and keep it as simple and streamlined as possible.  For more video tips to tame the technology, check out:

Use the camera that’s in your pocket! Smartphones like the iPhone make a great video camera.

Always remember that content is king, and in order to remain relevant to your customers, at least part of that content should be video.  Start publishing videos as soon as you can and avoid becoming “perishable!”

Lou Bortone
Lou Bortone is a Video Marketing expert and online branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals build breakthrough brands on the Internet. He is a former television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and Fox in Los Angeles. Lou is also an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach.
Lou Bortone
Lou Bortone


  1. Lou,

    Greetings. I am hoping that you can find a little generosity/curiosity or whatever to help a struggling web business whose main purpose is Earth Rescue (see

    I have spend over $100k on these two sites and have yet to sell a book or interest anyone to submit a Contest entry. I have a small team including a seo specialist in Texas, an old friend in New Jersey, a young man in India, and a cute, determined rebel in Toronto and – well, it is durn frustrating, because we have good sites and even some video, but our outreach just is not working. They caution that we need time, time, time – but it has been a year.

    Anyway the purpose of this is to post the query as to what are we missing, where should we be going and more specifically, how do I find the right help?

    I understand that web marketing is a miasma – a crowded swamp filled with techo wannabes – I need some help wading through it and emerging on the other side. We do have a great and unique story to tell – just need to find some traction somewhere.

    Can you point in a good direction?

    thanking you in advance,


  2. Nice article, some good points some of which I have recently wrote about as well. So important to have a strategy, however, people must be careful in producing video themselves, as a poorly produced video can take away from even the best content. See far too often people making this mistake.

    • Hi Lloyd,

      Yes, I agree that poor video can sometimes do more damage than no video. Once you reach a certain level of quality, however, I often encourage folks too “get it out there,” so they’ve got content working for them…

  3. Great stuff, Lou. As always, you hit the nail on the head in terms of building strategy first–then worrying about “taming the tech.” So many times we let the technology stall us (me included) and keep us for moving forward. Your tips really help alleviate that fear. 🙂

  4. Hi Lou Thank’s for the great tips and for helping demystify video. I think that businesses are only now coming to terms with the fact that they must change from “advertiser” to “publisher”. Thinking about (non-sales type) material that will really interest their customers is a new concept to most bricks and mortar businesses!

  5. Lou, I simply adore this article! Your first point, Start with a Strategy, speaks to me the most. I am in the habit of always asking my clients, prior to their beginning a project of any kind, to clearly define their outcomes/objectives before they begin. Now I realize that I haven’t been doing that myself when it comes to video. Thanks again!

  6. Outstanding article. Great ideas on making the most of video use. I especially like, “Start with a strategy.” Laying a plan out before we begin can make all the difference between lukewarm success and outrageous success.

    • Thanks, Kathleen. Sometimes folks have a “ready, fire, aim” approach to video, so I always encourage them to create a plan before they fire up the webcam…