How To Publish A Book Bundle On Kindle

by Shelley Hitz Lately, I have had several authors ask me how to publish a book bundle on Kindle. It really is not that difficult to do, but can have great rewards. There are several ways to put together a book bundle or book set and I will share these strategies in this post. Before […]

How To Build Your Readership Six Ways (Without Social Media)

by Justine Schofield Building your readership is the key to success in the current book market. Readers don’t just flock to books without the author putting in the time and effort to connect and engage with them. As an author, you have to establish yourself within the writing world and appeal to your audience. Just […]

How You Can Use Thunderclap To Promote Your Book (Video)

by Shelley Hitz ThunderClap is a cool tool authors can use to reach more people. You can use it to: Build a book launch team Promote a sample chapter Share a book promotion or Get the message out about your cause/charity

17 Ways To Promote Your Book with One Blog Post

by Kathleen Gage You’ve got the book. You’ve got the digital product. You’ve got the virtual training. Now what? Simple. Now you have to promote it. With all that’s available online, you have a wealth of possibility at your fingertips. One of the most effective methods for spreading the word, establishing credibility and positioning your message […]

How To Run A New Year’s Book Giveaway

by Justine Schofield Running a giveaway for your book(s) could be the perfect way to build the momentum you need to excel in the New Year. What better way to kick off the year than by getting your book into the hands of readers? People love free things and a giveaway is an opportunity to […]

How To Revive A Stale Book For More Sales

by Penny Sansevieri What if I told you that you could simply and easily revive an old or older book and start making sales on it again? Would you be game? Most of us who have been writing for a while are sitting on a lot of content and a lot of older books that […]

How to Sell More Books to the Right Target Audience

by Kristen Eckstein I know, I know, you’ve probably heard it before: You need to know who you’re marketing to. A section about finding and knowing your target audience can be found in almost every book written about publishing, and every publishing and book marketing blog on the net. While you may already have this […]

How To Get Massive Traction From Your Kindle eBook

by Kathleen Gage You’ve done it! You just finished your first book, it’s up on Kindle and you’re anxiously waiting for the money to pour in. And waiting, and waiting and waiting…all because some “expert” told you there is a fortune to be made with Kindle ebooks. I’ve got news for you. If you do […]

The Pros and Cons of Free vs. Paid Press Release Distribution Services

by Joan Stewart You’ve written a press release about your business, or your new digital product, or an event you’re hosting, and you want the widest exposure possible. You have a big decision to make. Paid services like PRNewswire and PRWeb offer tiered pricing, depending on how widely they distribute the release. If you buy […]

How To Get Your Book Into Costco (and other specialty stores)

by Penny Sansevieri Authors ask me all the time: How can I get my book into Costco? To tell you the truth, it’s really not that complicated. But let’s look at the different ways that Costco stocks product: