How To Revive A Stale Book For More Sales

by Penny Sansevieri What if I told you that you could simply and easily revive an old or older book and start making sales on it again? Would you be game? Most of us who have been writing for a while are sitting on a lot of content and a lot of older books that […]

How to Leap into Writing and Publishing Your Next Book

by Frances Caballo Whenever I publish a new book, my husband and friends are always impressed. My colleagues? Not so much. While friends may wonder how I chose a topic and researched it, organized my time, and acquired the skills to write it, my colleagues know the Big Secret.

5 Tips to Make Your Author Website Convert Prospects to Profits

by Kristen Eckstein One of the most valuable pieces of marketing you can invest in is your “digital business card”—your website. If you feel having a social media presence and a Facebook page alone are enough, keep in mind that you don’t control those websites. You need a hub—a central location for your entire book […]

12 Digital Publishing Tools The Experts Recommend

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Future of Ink, we asked our expert writers to tell us about their favorite digital publishing tools they’ve discovered in the last six months or so. If you are looking for tools to help you publish, curate and create digital content, you’ll find 12 terrific tools to […]

Special Reports: Snack-size Products That Offer A Tasty Sample

by Joan Stewart If you’re new to digital publishing and the thought of creating a product intimidates you, start with something fast and easy: a five-page special report that goes in-depth on a very narrow topic. That’s what I did when I started my business. And I learned quickly that low-price, snack-size special reports–on topics […]

A Free ‘Best of’ Holiday Ebook That Goes Ka-ching, Ka-Ching

by Joan Stewart Last month, I wrote about 11 Juicy Opt-in Offer Ideas Your Readers Will Love–alternatives to the not-so-glamorous ebook that you can give away in exchange for someone’s email address. This month, let’s resurrect the free ebook idea and give it a new and very profitable twist: a fast and easy end-of-the-year giveaway […]

5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: The Solutions – Part 2

by Kristen Eckstein In Part 1 of this article, I discussed what procrastination on your book project might be costing you. If you haven’t read it yet, pop over to 5 Reasons You Procrastinate on Getting Your Book Done: What is it Costing You? and read that article before continuing on with this one… Here […]

5 Reasons You Procrastinate On Getting Your Book Done: What is it Costing You?

by Kristen Eckstein We’ve all suffered from the disease of procrastination at one time or another in our lives. Procrastination can be rooted in fear, busyness, fatigue and illness, and pretty much anything else that causes you to be too tired or preoccupied and want to put off a task. But at what cost do […]

Getting Published – The Barriers To Entry Have Fallen

by Kathleen Gage Whatever your perspective, your opinion or your belief, the Internet provides a platform to express it. Barriers to entry for getting published are practically nonexistent. The great news is this: the minute you post something, your writing, video or audio file is published. The bad news is this: the minute you post […]

7 Social Media Marketing Trends [#Infographic]

by Denise Wakeman What are online entrepreneurs thinking about in 2014 when it comes to social media marketing? The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, published by Social Media Examiner reveals important trends and what you need to consider when it comes to creating your digital media. In the infographic below, 7 of the top social […]