How to Leap into Writing and Publishing Your Next Book

by Frances Caballo Whenever I publish a new book, my husband and friends are always impressed. My colleagues? Not so much. While friends may wonder how I chose a topic and researched it, organized my time, and acquired the skills to write it, my colleagues know the Big Secret.

Non-Disclosure Agreements – Three Great Reasons You Should Use One

by Shelley Hitz Have you heard of an NDA form? NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement and is a contract between two parties to ensure that sensitive information is not shared. You may never need to use this kind of form as an author. However, in this post, I want to share three reasons authors should […]

Crowdfunding and The Publishing Process – A Match Made In Literary Heaven

by Justine Schofield The funny thing about publishing is your work is never done. Example, the publishing process in a nutshell: write, build an author platform, market, publish, market, sell books, market, sell more books, then…market some more. Once a writer finishes a manuscript (and we all thought writing was the hard part), the real […]

Getting Published – The Barriers To Entry Have Fallen

by Kathleen Gage Whatever your perspective, your opinion or your belief, the Internet provides a platform to express it. Barriers to entry for getting published are practically nonexistent. The great news is this: the minute you post something, your writing, video or audio file is published. The bad news is this: the minute you post […]

The 5 Qualities You Need To Successfully Self-Publish Your Book

by Nina Amir You can find lots of articles and guides on how to write and self-publish a book. Beyond the advice on promoting your book, including so-called bestseller campaigns, you’ll find less information on how to succeed as a self-published author. Here’s the truth of the matter: Achieving the status of “successful self-published author,” […]

The Publishing Business Plan – 7 Essential Elements

by Nina Amir If you are like most aspiring authors, the idea of becoming a published author probably excites you. Even if you are planning to produce an ebook to boost your business, adding “author” to your credentials could represent the fulfillment of a dream you’ve had your whole life or might catapult you into […]

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Listings

by Lynne Klippel is the world’s largest online retailer. The site receives 65 million visitors each month! While some people don’t like’s control of the book marketplace, there is no denying the fact that this site forever altered how people buy and sell books. I once heard an interview with Jeff Bezos, the […]

Which Book Publishing Route Is Right for You? [Part Two]

by Kristen Eckstein In Part One of this article, I began to explore the various publishing options that are available for you, so you can make the right choices for you and your business. So far, I’ve discussed traditional book publishing and vanity self-publishing. Now we’ve move on to two other great options, independent book […]

Which Book Publishing Route Is Right for You? [Part One]

by Kristen Eckstein There’s more than one way to get published. A quick Google search for the words “publish my book” will bring up literally hundreds of millions of results! So it’s no wonder when you start researching various book publishing avenues it can be overwhelming, and downright confusing. While there are hybrid styles of […]

Four Crucial Steps to Writing and Publishing Your First eBook

by Kristen Eckstein Entering the world of eBook publishing can be a little less overwhelming than all the options for print publishing, but there are still some key steps you need to address. Without a clear path, direction and focus, you may find that all the hype about Kindle book sales and generating leads for […]