How To Turn Your Written Content Into Video Content

by Lou Bortone When it comes to marketing, content is still king. Content drives sales of your products and services, and keeps your customers engaged in your business. However, content is also a hungry beast that must be fed – constantly. In order to stay visible and relevant, you have to continue to “feed the […]

Publish or Perish: Why Video is Crucial to Your Content Strategy

by Lou Bortone You have no doubt heard the expression ‘publish or perish‘ used in academia.  The phrase came from the idea that professors absolutely must create and publish content in order to keep their jobs and reputations intact. The very same ‘publish or perish’ mandate can now be used for solopreneurs and service providers […]

Digital Publishing – It’s About Publishing eBooks and SO Much More

by D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. Digital publishing encompasses written as well as multi-media content. You can create audio recordings, video productions, and written content, in a variety of unique and effective ways. By providing your content in different formats, you have the opportunity to reach many more readers while providing them with content in their preferred […]