Accelerate Your Digital Publishing – 4 Easy Steps to Teleseminar Repurposing


Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.25.23 PMTime…

this is the central challenge business owners, coaches, and other entrepreneurs face when it comes to growing their business.

How are you doing with time?

You can rapidly increase your digital publishing when you reduce the time it takes for you to create and publish your content. And my favorite way to do that is starting with teleseminars.

Here’s why:

  • You can speak faster than you can type
  • Getting ideas out of your head is likely easier by speaking instead of writing
  • You can take an audio recording and repurpose it to create other forms of marketing and customer content. Better still, most of the repurposing can be done by someone else – freeing up your time to do what you do best!

Now, let’s get back to basics for a minute and give you a 4-step game plan for teleseminar repurposing and saving you a bunch of time.

Master Repurposing To Get Your Message Out Faster

First, a great teleseminar repurposing plan begins with a great plan for a teleseminar. Use a

” href=”/mindmap-digital-publishing-projects/” target=”_blank”> mindmap to structure your call into clear segments.

Next, record an awesome call. If you don’t like the way it went, do it again.

Third, get the call transcribed by a solid transcriptionist who knows how to make sure your transcripts are accurate and readable.

Fourth, repurpose the call in any (and all) of the following 10 ways:

  1. Upload the audio .mp3 to your website (sell or give away)
  2. Upload the transcripts as a .pdf to your site (sell or give away)
  3. Turn each segment of your call into a blog post, and gather those into a series
  4. Submit similar blog posts as articles to article directories, each segment can turn into 1 or more articles.
  5. Merge your audio with PowerPoint slides to create videos – one for each primary teaching point of your teleseminar.
  6. Extract solid quotes and golden nuggets from the transcript and turn those into social media posts – tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ updates, etc.
  7. Add those quotes onto images and share on Facebook and Pinterest.
  8. Turn your top tips into autoresponder messages.
  9. Add a quick introduction and submit your teleseminars as a podcast.
  10. Turn your transcript into a Kindle book and add to Amazon.

Now, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, and this seems like it’s going to take a lot of time, remember:

  • Imagine trying to create all this content from scratch
  • After you’ve recorded your call, give these tasks to virtual assistant instead of doing them yourself

It all starts with a powerful teleseminar!

As always, your comments on how you’ll implement this in your business are welcome!

P.S. Each month, I create

” href=”/teleseminar-scheduling-made-simple/” target=”_blank”>a lesson here at the Future of Ink based on what I believe you’d best benefit from. But I’d love to know what YOU want me to teach you in my next TFOI lesson! Just leave your suggestions in the comments below…

Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob Jenkins is the author of Take Action! Revise Later, and the creator of the Teleseminar Formula. A former high school history teacher, Bob makes it simple for you to get more clients and customers when you leverage online marketing in a strategic manner. His digital publishing credits include over 15 video-based courses and over 500 teleseminars and webinars. He's a frequent speaker at marketing conferences and on telesummits.
Bob The Teacher Jenkins
Bob The Teacher Jenkins