Producing an Interactive eBook – Will Burden [audio interview]

Cooper Edens Night Rainbow interactive ebook

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. As a digital content producer, wouldn’t you just love to be able to have your written content available as an interactive ebook…complete with colorful animated graphics, sound and best of all, the ability for people to download them from iTunes? While there are a few interactive ebooks out there, I […]

Using Interview Transcripts for Valuable Blog Content [Kathleen Gage Interview]

Use interview transcripts for blog content

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. A few weeks ago, I interviewed online marketing consultant Kathleen Gage about the launch of her newest book, Power Up for Profits. We published the audio interview here and now have the transcript available for you below. What I want to point out to you, besides the great interview content […]

Hangout with The Future of Ink [video]

Hangout Q and A

by Denise Wakeman September marks the first anniversary of the The Future of Ink (read the back story here). To mark the occasion, Ellen Britt and I made a spontaneous decision to host a live Hangout on Air to chat about where we’ve come from, where the site and project is headed, and answer any questions […]

Power Up for Profits – Kathleen Gage [audio interview]

Kathleen Gage

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard there are people making great money by utilizing the power of the Internet.  But perhaps not surprisingly, the world of online marketing has traditionally been dominated by men. Yet, with over 8 million U.S. businesses currently women-owned […]

Laura West – How Enhancing Your Creativity is Good for Business [audio interview]

Laura West Passion + Purpose = Profits

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. Laura West is known as The Creative Thought Leader. She’s a creative business coach who works with both women and men to help them bring together their right brain creativity with the left brain practical marketing business strategies so they can have more impact with their marketing, as well as […]

How to Harness the Power of Quantum Collaboration to Create Superior Content [Video]


by Marnie Pehrson It’s a known fact – creating well-crafted, consistent content and putting it on your web site or blog builds traffic. The challenge is that most people feel overwhelmed by creating all that content. If you try to do it alone, it can be daunting. I’ve found that the easiest way to create […]

TFOI TV – The Future of Ink Kicks Off a Monthly Video Show


Celebrating The Future of Ink’s 100th post, it’s fitting to announce a new feature… TFOI TV The monthly video show will be hosted by Daniel Hall, one of our featured digital publishing experts. In this first episode Daniel asked to interview me (Denise Wakeman) and Ellen Britt, Co-Founders of The Future of Ink. We had […]

Gary Vaynerchuk – The Stream Economy [audio interview]

Gary Vaynerchuk

by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. Gary Vaynerchuk (say Vay – ner – chuck) also know as Gary Vee is a wildly successful 36 year old New York Times bestselling author, who is also a self-made expert in social media and also the world of wine. Gary displayed his entrepreneurial flair very early, and at age […]

Conversation with Digital Publishing Experts [video]

When you think about digital publishing, what comes to mind first for you? My thoughts start at  blogging then move to ebooks and repurposing content in many formats in order to reach more people. When Ellen Britt and I first started talking about The Future of Ink, at least a year ago, we were focused […]

The Future of Ink – Interview with Co-Founders Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman and Ellen Britt, Co-Founders of The Future of Ink

Recently Ellen Britt and I were honored to be invited to do an interview with our colleague and Future of Ink expert writer, D’vorah Lansky for her Conversations About Marketing audio series. D’vorah plied us with questions about why we launched The Future of Ink, how digital publishing has changed our businesses, what we have […]