12 Digital Publishing Tools The Experts Recommend

12 Digital Publishing Tools the Experts Recommend

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Future of Ink, we asked our expert writers to tell us about their favorite digital publishing tools they’ve discovered in the last six months or so. If you are looking for tools to help you publish, curate and create digital content, you’ll find 12 terrific tools to […]

Crowdfunding and The Publishing Process – A Match Made In Literary Heaven

Crowdfunding and the Publishing Process - A Match Made in Literary Heaven

by Justine Schofield The funny thing about publishing is your work is never done. Example, the publishing process in a nutshell: write, build an author platform, market, publish, market, sell books, market, sell more books, then…market some more. Once a writer finishes a manuscript (and we all thought writing was the hard part), the real […]

8 Reasons To Use Scrivener To Write And Produce Your Books

8 Reasons to Use Scrivener to Write and Produce Your Books

by Nina Amir If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a better and easier way—which means a more effective way—to get your writing projects finished and keep them organized. But what if you could go straight from writing to publishing your work? That would make life a lot simpler, right? It’s possible. The tool […]

7 Tools to Create Killer Headlines

7 Tools to Create Killer Headlines

by Joan Stewart On average, 8 of 10 people never make it past your headline or title. That’s because headlines are usually an afterthought–slapped onto an article, a press release or a blog post after you’ve  spent an hour or two painstakingly writing it, rewriting, proofreading and correcting errors. By the time you’re done with […]

Five Fab Video Tools to Make a Bigger Impact Online

Five Fab Video Tools to Make a Bigger Impact Online

by Lou Bortone We’re all getting bombarded with messages, and the barrage keeps on coming.  So how do you break through, stand out, get noticed and reach your peeps?  You’ve got to do something more engaging than the usual methods!  Video messaging is perfect for this, since it’s so much more personal and unique.  And […]

The Pros and Cons of DRM

The Pros and Cons of DRM

by Shelley Hitz What is DRM?  DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and according to KDP it is “intended to inhibit unauthorized access to or copying of digital content files.” This is one of the decisions you must make when your first upload your Kindle book via the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) dashboard.  It is […]

Which eBook Publishing Platform is Best?

ebook digital publishing platforms

by Kristen Eckstein Before we get too deep into answering this question, know upfront this is like asking a mother of three which child is her favorite. Each platform comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Digital publishing is a huge all-encompassing world of everything from e-books and Kindle to video and teleseminars. For the purposes […]

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics [#Infographic]


by Denise Wakeman Have you ever wondered why infographics are so popular? What makes a great infographic irresistible? When I first saw the featured infographic below, I knew I had to share it on The Future of Ink. People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations. Not only […]

Using Video for Marketing and Credibility

Video and YouTube for Marketing

by Kathleen Gage Has the thought of being in the movies ever appealed to you? Dreamed of having your own television show? Want to be seen by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of viewers? If you said yes, then using video for marketing is for you. Video is one of the hottest marketing tools around. Not […]

How to Use High Tech Meditation Tools to Skyrocket Your Content Marketing Output


by Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. You want to get your digital content out there. You really do. But seems like now, more than ever, stuff gets in the way. Shiny, ever changing, almost irresistible distractions dangle before your eyes like so many holiday ornaments nearly every minute of the day, from the time you open […]