Are There Different Types of Virtual Book Tours?


D'vorah Lansky

D’vorah Lansky


I’d like to thank Denise and Ellen for graciously hosting me, as a guest blogger, in celebration of the launch of my newest book, 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour.

In answer to the question posted in the title of this article; “Are there different types of virtual book tours?” my response is, “indeed there are!” While there are popular virtual book tour formats that can be easily replicated, in truth, the format for a virtual book tour is only limited by your imagination! In this article I’d like to share with you three popular virtual book tour models. You can decide which format you’d like to base your first, or next, virtual book tour on.

D'vorah Lansky BlogTalk Video CoverThe first virtual book tour format I’d like to share with you is called the “one-hour teleseminar.”

This is where you get the word out to your colleagues, friends, and community to let them know that you are going to be speaking, via a conference call, about your book or that you will be interviewed by an industry expert. The goal is for you and your contacts to promote this event as a big, gala celebration, and get a large audience of people to listen in. Because the teleseminar can be recorded, you’ll also benefit by being able to provide people with ongoing access to the recording.

By speaking about your book, listeners will have the opportunity to hear your voice and your message, and connect with you. By being interviewed by a leader in your field, you will be seen as an expert by association and this will increase your credibility. Either format can be a lot of fun and a great way to get your message out across the airwaves.

The next virtual book tour format is called the “one-day blog blitz.”

This is a very exciting and concentrated way to conduct your virtual tour however; it takes a tremendous amount of energy and a great deal of organization. With this format, you line up multiple blog owners who agree to have you as a guest blogger (guest author) on their blog. You let them know the date of your blog blitz and ask them to confirm that they have it written down in their calendar.

This format is very powerful, especially when done in conjunction with a book launch or re-launch. By promoting your book to multiple, new audiences on the same day, you’ll generate lots of sales for your book and this can have a very positive impact on your ranking on Amazon.

I’ve conducted several virtual book tours for my books, but this is the first time I’m conducting a one-day blog blitz, virtual book tour. I’ve arranged with my tour hosts to publish the blog post I’ve provided them with, on a specific date and time. I will then spend the day traveling from blog to blog, interacting with the blog visitors and responding to questions and comments to my posts.

Each of my hosts will receive a different article to post to their blog. My plan is to weave a story, throughout the many blogs, by providing content that builds on content shared on the previous blog. This will provide great value to those traveling with us on the virtual book tour, and will demonstrate my level of expertise.

These strategies can be easily replicated and the format used as a template for conducting your own virtual book tour.[pullquote position=”right”] Once the official date of your virtual book tour has passed, you’ll still benefit into the future, as your content will continue to be available to readers.[/pullquote] Be sure to circle back to the blogs you’ve toured to, so that you can respond to new questions and comments.

To gain a birds-eye view of what I’m talking about, check out the various articles, and tour stops, on this very virtual book tour. You can access all of the tour stops at:

Prepare your content ahead of time!

lightbulb-ideas D'Vorah LanskyThe focus of a virtual book tour is to extend your reach and provide you with opportunities to build relationships with new readers. You can provide your tour hosts with the written, audio, or video content for your blog posts ahead of time and have them schedule your posts to appear on a specific date and time. This will free you up to be able to interact with their blog visitors on the official date of your virtual book tour.

As you can see, this is a very intense format for a virtual book tour and a great activity to do in conjunction with a book launch. This will create a lot of attention on your book, on the day it launches, and increase the likelihood of your book reaching bestseller status.

The third virtual book tour format is called the “multi-day, multi-blog, virtual book tour!”

Book shelf with booksWith the multi-day, multi-blog, virtual book tour, you decide how many sites you will travel to over what course of time. For example, you may decide to conduct a 12 stop virtual book tour, over the course of three weeks. This means that you could travel to a new site, each Monday through Thursday, for three weeks.

With this virtual book tour format, you’ll still want to provide your hosts with your post content ahead of time. This will free you up to focus on interacting with readers and responding to questions and comments, during your virtual tour. You may also want to write a brief blog post on your blog, each day of the tour, letting people know where you will be that day. You can then share a link to your daily announcement posts, on the social networks. This will generate interest in your virtual book tour.

When is the best time to conduct a virtual book tour for your book?

date-time D'Vorah LanskyThis is a question I often hear. Some authors feel that they cannot begin planning a virtual book tour until their book is published, while other authors, who published their book years ago, feel that they have missed the opportunity to conduct a virtual book tour.

Whether your book is just a twinkle in your eye, about to be published in the near or distant future, or was published months or years ago, as long as the content is relevant, you can take your book on a virtual tour.

Take your book on a more than one virtual book tour

Author World - Dvorah LanskyHere’s another eye opening fact; you are not limited to conducting only one virtual book tour for your book. In fact, you can take your book on tour regularly! As an example, you could take your book on a virtual book tour annually on the anniversary of your book’s publication date, or on a date significant to the content of your book. This will provide you with the opportunity to share your knowledge, and your book, with more people. As long as your content is current and relevant, there are people who are going to want to know about your book, regardless of when it was published.

Which virtual book tour format interests you the most? Please scroll down to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

This post is being written in honor of a virtual book tour celebrating the publication of my third print book. You can enjoy the festivities by joining us on the tour to 21 blogs, in honor of 21 Ways to Launch a Successful Virtual Book Tour. Scroll down to access the virtual book tour schedule as well as a link to the book on Amazon. Thank you and enjoy!

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  1. I have been on three highly successful multi-day/multi-blog tours and I must say it is the best thing to get your name and work out into cyber space. My new MG adventure is coming out soon and I will be calling up my previous hostesses for more tours.

    • Fiona, multi-day/multi-blog tours are my favorite! Smart idea to call on previous hostesses as you have a solid, ongoing relationship with them. Be sure to let us know about your next tour so we can follow along!

  2. Hi Denise and Ellen! Thank you for hosting me for this exciting virtual book tour. I look forward to interacting with the Future of Ink community and am happy to answer any questions. Here’s to your virtual book tour success!

  3. Hi Cheryl, I’ve conducted several virtual book tours, each one with a different focus. This is my first time conducting a blog blitz, and I’ve learned a lot! What I’ll do for my next virtual book tour, is a blog blitz WEEK, which will divide up the daily work and spread out the book launch over an extended period of time.

    This book journey is such an exciting one! Thanks for your comment!

  4. I prefer strategies that aren’t too overwhelming. Even though I’m good at organization, I think one day would be pretty stressful. Though on the flip side, once it’s done, you’re done at least for a while.

    I also hadn’t really thought of recurring tours on an anniversary date for example. Thanks for that tip!