Levi is an experienced marketing strategist for a software company that sells a learning platform to public schools. He has developed healthy individual measurement habits that drive his success in constantly evolving his company’s marketing strategies to the changing needs of the schools. What are two habits Levi has developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies? (Choose two.)

  • In meetings, he asks every person, “What do you think?” This allows him to overcome HIPPO, or listening to the “highest paid person’s opinion.”
  • He runs tests continuously, increasing data points that help inform important strategic decisions.
  • He isolates and analyzes data that prevents failure, which optimizes the outcomes of his experimental marketing campaigns.
  • He keeps all sales data in his CRM’s private dashboard, freeing his teammates from seeing data that will distract them from doing their jobs.
  • He starts his day by looking at how well he is doing on his company’s key performance indicators.