Bid Manager Optimization Assessment

  1. You have an insertion order designed to get more customers to install your app. What is its goal?
  2. Which can be one of the most effective strategies for driving action?
  3. What can you do to optimize in the final week of your campaign’s flight?
  4. When would you avoid setting your display insertion order’s pacing to “ASAP”?
  5. What’s a good frequency when your goal is to start raising awareness with new people?
  6. What is the maximum amount Bid Manager will increase your bids when using bid multipliers?
  7. At its most basic, how do you optimize your campaign?
  8. When optimizing to build awareness, what components should you optimize first?
  9. What’s an important consideration when excluding keywords of categories that you deem unsafe for your brand?
  10. Which of the following is an example of low performers when trying to influence consideration?
  11. What is a way to improve your targeting when your goal is influencing consideration?
  12. Why would you look at an impression lost chart when making quick optimizations?
  13. What’s the best way to optimize for creatives with high click rates?
  14. Paul wants to make sure his ads reach users who visit a popular delivery app. Which dimension will he choose when setting up his bid multipliers?
  15. Why is defining a primary goal the first step of optimizing your online advertising campaign?
  16. Manual optimizations to which components typically provide the greatest impact?
  17. Why would you use fixed manual bidding for a line item instead of leaving it to automated algorithmic bidding?
  18. What’s a promising way to increase your remarketing list’s potential impressions?
  19. How can the pacing metrics help you to optimize remarketing line items?
  20. What’s a possible way to optimize toward a $10 cost per action (CPA) goal if your current CPA is $50?
  21. What is the most important factor to consider when evaluating viewability and ad position performance?